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JUST FOR FUN – the Italian “naked man” orchid


Mother Nature is an MRA! Orchis italica is known as the naked man orchid. Orchidaceae is a gigantic family, one the largest among land plants, with around 25,000 species in 890 genera. It certainly has something for everyone. The name of this genus and of the family in general is based on the Greek for “testicle.” Apparently this genus forms tubers that tend to grow in pairs, so they...

IT’S SHIT LIKE THIS, FEMINISTS: Feminist misandry, Part III


A commenter named WowFallacies drove by with the usual clueless advice on how MRAs could sort out some misunderstandings about feminism and stop being a “prick” about the whole thing. Commenter Eagle 35 responded: WowFallicies, I’m going to give you a list of facts about feminism as a movement just so you’ll understand where the hostility comes from and hopefully should clear up your...

GENERAL – New Words


Time for some new words and expressions. Those that promote the discussion get taken up and used, the others just fade into obscurity on some server somewhere.
Tit swinging – This is the direct equivalent of “dick swinging”. Dick swinging refers to competitive, macho boasting.…

How misogynist are you?


BuzzFeed has compiled a list of items to determine just how “misandrist” someone is. To the surprise of none, the list is chock full of straw misandry. In response, I have compiled a similar list of items to determine just how “misogynist” we are.…

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