Feminist Rape Culture: Statutory Edition



On this past thursday, march 27, Dr Janice Fiamego gave a talk at At Queens University in Toronto, Canada titled: What’s Equality Got To Do With it? Men’s Issues and Feminism’s Double Standards

During that talk she was heckled by feminists. Afterward the first person who spoke during the question and answer period was one Adele Mercier, feminist philosophy professor at Queens University.

Remember that name. Adele Mercier. She makes a reappearance later on in this story.

Here’s what she had to say at that lecture.

In a letter to the editor of Queen’s University Newspaper Andrew Howard says the following:

Men should seek to work within the existing framework of moderate feminist institutions in order to advance their cause.

In the comments section of that article, I posted my short list of statistics indicating that female sexual predation of men and boys was a significant issue and one that is completely ignored by all feminist rape “awareness” campaigns to date. Instead feminist “awareness” campaigns such as the Don’t Be that Guy campaign prefer to paint men and boys as more likely to be predators that victims.

Adele Mercier joined in by “rebutting” my statistics.

The exchange felt like scenes from a horror movie.

First it started out creepy. For a professor of philosophy, Adele certainly is incapable of framing a rational rebuttal on this issue.

Tension ramped. Adele certainly is invested in erasing and excusing female predators!

Then the horrifying climax.

Let me read the final rebuttal Adele offered to my statistics detailing the high rate of female sexual predation on men and boys.

This rebuttal is in response to the statistic I mentioned that approximately 90-95% of boys in juvenile detention facilities who are abused by staff report a female abuser.

Dear Alison,

I know that statistics can be hard to interpret, but you need to learn to read before you spread misinformation into the stratosphere.

You said: “95% of abused boys in juvenile facilities reported being attacked/coerced by female staff”. This is FALSE.

Re-read Google “Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth, 2012”

“Sexual victimization” is there defined as ALL SEXUAL ACTIVITY with facility staff.

And the numbers are that, among males in juvenile facilities:

5.2% of MALE YOUTH engage in unauthorized sexual activity with MALE STAFF;

89.1% of MALE YOUTH engage in unauthorized sexual activity with FEMALE STAFF;

3% of MALE YOUTH engage in unauthorized sexual activity with both male and female staff.

This merely reflects THE PROPORTIONS OF GAY AND STRAIGHT MALES in juvenile detention centers, (and the fact that even people in detention centers like to have sex.)

Also noteworthy:

“As a result of the high rate of staff sexual misconduct reported in the NSYC-1 (10.3%), new items were added to the NSYC-2 questionnaire to better understand the circumstances surrounding incidents. Youth were asked a series of questions related to their relationship with the facility staff prior to sexual contact. Among victims of staff
sexual misconduct:

Nearly two-thirds said that staff told them about their personal life outside of work (69.1%), treated them like a favorite or better than other youth (63.6%), or gave them a special gift that the staff would not have given to most other youth (62.3%). Almost half (49.2%) said the staff member gave them pictures or wrote them letters. Nearly a third (29.8%) said that the staff member contacted them in other ways when the staff member was not at the facility. More than a third (36.7%) said youth gave the staff member pictures of themselves, and more than a quarter (28.1%) said youth gave the staff member a special gift.

When youth were asked who initiated the sexual contact, 36.4% said that the facility staff always made the first move, 17.4% reported that the youth always made the first move, and 46.3% said that sometimes the facility staff made the first move and sometimes the youth did.

Youth were also asked to describe the sexual relationship with staff. Nearly half (46.3%) said the incident was usually just sexual. An estimated 40.1% said the sexual contact was
more like friends with benefits, and 13.6% said that they really cared about each other.

Among the 840 youth who experienced staff sexual misconduct WITHOUT FORCE, 5.1% reported the involvement of a male staff member (2.7% involved male staff only and 2.4% involved both male and female staff).

So the 95% that you cite is of MALE YOUTH who experience sexual misconduct involving FEMALE STAFF WITHOUT FORCE.

Hey, giving these boys a piece of candy should make it all better!

After all boys in a detention facility can give legitimate consent to their adult female captors.

I’ll remind you that Adele—if it is Professor Adele Mercier—wrote this rape apologia on an article arguing that men and boys can only legitimately talk about their issues in a feminist context.

The problem with asserting that men and boys can only talk about their issues in a feminist context should be starkly obvious by now.

Feminists are incapable of recognizing the victimization of men and boys in an honest way. Feminists are more invested in explaining away that victimization then they are in bringing awareness to it and funding services to address it.

And when I say feminists are incapable of recognizing the victimization of men and boys in an honest way, I mean men and boys full stop. The problems of men and boys full stop.

A woman saying that sexually abused boys in cages can give legitimate consent to their attackers is more welcome in feminism than a woman saying they are abuse victims. And that’s the fucking problem.

Feminism fails to produce an immune response to people like Adele Mercier. I guarantee she will experience no fallout, no censure and no disciplinary action for assertion that boys can give legitimate consent to the adult females in detention centres who have complete control over every aspect of their lives.

Can you imagine what would happen if Adele was Adam Mercier, professor of philosophy at Queens University. And Professor Adam Mercier publicly said that underage girls can give meaningful convent to their adult male teachers.

What do you think would happen to Adam Mercier for even suggesting that? He would lose his job at a bare minimum. All across Canada feminist protesters would erupt into “lolita” walks protesting his victim blaming. And we’d have even more “Don’t be that guy” campaigns to combat the epidemic of “rape culture.”

But because it wasn’t Adam Mercier, it was Adele Mercier, and because it wasn’t blaming underage girls for being sexually abused by men, it was blaming underage boys for being sexually abused by women, nothing will happen.

And that, friends, is exactly what Dr. Janice Fiamengo is talking about when she says “feminist double standards.”

Feminism fails to produce an immune response to Mercier—hell our institutions of learning and our government fail to produce an immune response to Adele Merceier—and all the people like her because feminism does not care about men and boys. And our government doesn’t care about men and boys. And our institutions of learning don’t care about men and boys.

Feminists want to control the discussion on issues faced by men and boys simply so they can strangle it to death in its crib.

Oh no, Adele won’t receive any sort of official reprisal, not from feminism or from her academic institution.

In fact I have a proposal for the Canadian Government. Instead of disciplining Adele for her rape apologia, she should be rewarded!

Currently the Canadian Government is giving the White Ribbon Campaign—a feminist or feminist friendly organization—600K to go into schools and tell boys to take responsibility for violence against women and girls.

600K to tell boys that they are the problem when it comes to violence! 600K that could have gone to mental health services to address the abuse that’s at the root of violent behaviour but that would be admitting that boys can be victims. And we can’t have that!

But why stop with making boys responsible for violence against women. Since Adele Mercier has demonstrated such a keen grasp of how to avoid recognizing boys are victims, perhaps the White Ribbon Campaign could partner with her and have go into schools and teach your son how he’s responsible for “misconduct” when he’s statutorily raped by his female teachers.

Seems like something the government of Canada could really get behind! And Adele certainly has a lot to say on the subject!

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  • Among female perpetrators nearly ten percent are teachers whilst for male perps it’s fewer than one percent. The most likely adult to sexually abuse a student in a P-12 school is a woman and by a very large margin – possibly more than three to one. Given that male perpetrators are more inclined to commit same sex abuse the most likely victim in a P-12 school is a boy by an even greater factor.

    THIS is the environment in which boys are to be shamed about males abusing females.

  • Kaufman, K. L., Wallace, A. M., Johnson, C. F., & Reeder, M. L. (1995). Comparing female and male perpetrators’ modus operandi: Victims’ reports of sexual abuse. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 10(3), 322-333.
    8% of the female perpetrators were teachers and 23% were babysitters, compared to male perpetrators who were 0% and 8% respectively.

  • Thank you. Do you know if this is consistent with other research? 0% male teachers sounds too little.

  • It’s only indicative of teachers being a tiny proportion of male perpetrators overall. As with youth prisons it seems that female perps crop up in higher proportions in settings where there are large captive or controllable audiences of children, where the “preventative” scrutiny has largely targeted only males as potential perpetrators AND ignored boys as potential victims.

  • I recently ran across a feminist blog in which the individual writing stated “No one expects us to have the same compassion for male victims that we do for female victims…”

    I also recall, not that long ago, reading pieces by feminists lauding a TV show in which a woman was shown bashing a man’s head into a car window to force him to reciprocate oral sex. The feminists said that “No means no for men to, but we really need to talk about his vagina-phobia….”. In other words, no means no but only if the woman says the man can say no.

    I also recently read a post by a feminist on “enthusiastic consent” in which she said that, when trying this with her boyfriend, she found it “ironic” that SHE took HIS silence for consent.

    Yet according to innumerable feminists-including, no doubt, the good professor as well as the individual quoted in this article, these are the very people whose “framework” male survivors should be using in an attempt to “address” the issue of male victims of sexual assault.

    So I have some questions I would hope those subscribing to the belief that male survivors should “address their issues in the framework” of feminism can answer::

    Why should men address their issues in the context of an ideology in which they are told that male victims are less deserving of respect and compassion than women?

    Why should male victims address their issues in the context of groups which believe that men can consent by silence but women cannot?

    Why should male victims address their issues in the context of an ideology which believes that underage males who are in the custody and control of adult female guards can legitimately “consent” to be statutorily raped?

    Why should male victims address their issues in the context of an ideology which believes that their limits do not matter or count?

    Why should male victims address their issues in the context of an ideology which issues apologia for media pieces displaying men being beaten to force them into sexual activity?

    Why should male victims address their issues in a context which, in effect, blames them for their own victimization? Because after all-all men default to rape if not controlled-and all men are therefore part of rape culture, so therefore if a man was raped, it is his fault as part of rape culture, is it not?

    And lastly, would any feminist expect female victims to address their issues in the context of an ideology which belittled and marginalized her in this fashion?

    I shall await the answers to my questions with great anticipation…but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • @Will:

    Good god the NUMBER of things wrong with that.

    Although I can’t stop laughing about her “decision” to use the term “penised person”….I fail to see how she can possibly claim she has even a passing relationship with equality-or rational thought-when she so casually reduces all men to the status of genitalia.

  • After the things i’ve learned on this site and after listening to Alison Tieman and Karen Straughn on youtube … /Mind Blown.

    I’ve been able to verify much of what is said about these issues and i’ve been trying to converse with women about this, but they’re reluctant to accept it. I’ve been able to shut down each and every argument about male oppression but they just get irritated, apparently i just don’t understand.
    I ask why it’s so important to believe that women are oppressed and they say “because it’s true”!

    I recently hypothesized that these women may feel defined by their perceived oppression, much like minorities come together on their issues. The problem is that the oppression is based in omission, vicious lies and double standards.

    Feminists seem to be the only group that can call for male genocide and get away with it, i find this disturbing and i want to do something about it.

    I live in Brooklyn and i want to raise male awareness on these issues and direct them to sites like this, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for flyers but i want something succinct that can grab attention.
    Any help would be welcome.

  • On a more positive note, it seems that non-feminist lecturers are now regularly speaking about men’s issues at Canadian universities without feminists trying to shut them down. Progress!

  • Jezebel just did a string of articles calling James Franco a creep for hitting on a 17 year old girl and ultimately backing off when he found out her age. He felt the media criticism so much for it that he apologized to the world.

    Maybe feminists should be holding Adele Mercier’s feet to the fire instead of James Franco’s…

  • Stars Die:

    The article above makes the salient observation that not only will feminism do so, it is both incapable of ever doing so, nor willing to try at any stage of a specific incident or in general history. It falls to others to hold their feet to the flame and make everyone look. The more this kind of stuff is exposed, the more everyone with even a sliver of common senses or ethics will feel emboldened to criticise bags of genetic runoff like “Professor” Adele Mercier.

    Isn’t anyone else enraged by the fact that this human turd has the ability to teach, lecture, and be taken seriously? This twerp should be ranting on a street corner while selling pencils from a cup!

  • “No one expects us to have the same compassion for male victims that we do for female victims…”

    That’s because you have none.

    “Why should men address their issues in the context of an ideology in which they are told that male victims are less deserving of respect and compassion than women? […]”

    They should if they want their issues to be “strangled to death in the crib” as Alison puts it.

    Turning to the ideology that hates men because they’re men so they can be in charge of addressing men’s issues is akin to expecting the fox to honestly address the issues of the chickens whose coop it plunders.

  • @ThirdOfOctober

    Yep. It’s sort of like the story of the scorpion and the fox, isn’t it?

    And yet, somehow, feminists think we should all fall for the line that “the solution for men’s issues is…feminism”.

    I may be crazy, but I am far from stupid….and I am certainly not THAT stupid.

  • Creep for hitting on a 17 year old girl?

    I would hit on a 16 year old girl and bang her brains out if I could. 16 is legal in the UK.

    Shaming men for natural heterosexual attraction. The fact he was still a creep after apologising shows that you should never be apologetic to a feminist.

  • I think Adele should be put on Registerher.com. For someone willing to excuse the abuse of juveniles so intellectually and without remorse whatsoever deserves such notoriety.

  • You forgot a link to the article;

    I like how our boy asserts that “The very formation of the MIAS implies that men have reasons equal to women’s to fear discrimination and bias.” Because people caring about men’s rights is the same as saying men’s problems are equal to women’s. Just like having an organization fighting racism against Asians is the same as saying Asians have just as much problems, with exactly as much severity, as black people.

    Men should seek to work within the existing framework of moderate feminist institutions in order to advance their cause.

    Wait a second. According to standard feminist logic about gender representation, those institutions are created by, for, and largely run by women, and are thus likely to be sexist against men. And what if men don’t feel those insititutions are meeting men’s needs? Do they not have a right to try and change them? Mainstream feminism barely mentions men’s issues at all, but men aren’t supposed to try and improve that state of affairs? What if women don’t like the way mainstream feminism treats men? Are they allowed to try change it?

    Also, Andrew, you’re being sexist by ignoring/not knowing about the presence of female non-feminist advocates for men’s rights, and assuming its mens’ concern.

    I strongly suspect there are a number of women’s groups on campus who would be more than happy to include men in their dialogue in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

    You “suspect”? You don’t actually know? You didn’t bother to check? Yet you assert, with total certainty, that feminist organizations and frameworks can do a perfectly good job of it?

    If we were on Tumblr, I’d post a sardonic image at this point.

    This is the same pseudo-caring nonsense Kimmel (and others) does; “yes, men have issues, but feminism will take care of them! If you don’t think so, you’re clearly a misogynist.” It’s not intended to convince men who disagree, but to defend feminism in the eyes of gynocentric feminists.

    I note how Andy never bothers to actually discuss a single, specific issue that MIAS brought up. Odd, that. Yet he is perfectly fine with claiming a single attack against a woman! (scare chord) is evidence of a broad societal trend.

    This merely reflects THE PROPORTIONS OF GAY AND STRAIGHT MALES in juvenile detention centers, (and the fact that even people in detention centers like to have sex.)

    I…what? I don’t even have a pithy quip here. I understand what she’s saying, I just can’t believe she’s saying it.

  • After several decades of being effectively told that men should piss off and create things for themselves those ones who do are aggressively attacked and told that feminists are here to deal with those mens’ issues.

    The irony and hypocrisy are staggering and tragic.

  • gwallan, it’s a simple double bind – 1. Men, feminism isn’t about you, it centers women and women’s concerns, AKA “what about teh menz?” and 2. Feminsism is the only valid platform for gender discusion (We own the subject) , AKA “What’s the solution to men’s problems? More feminism?”

    Translation: the answer to men’s problems is to ignore them.

  • All discussion of gender issues should focus on women’s problems and their impact on women. So of course men should take all their issues to feminism for resolution, because only feminism is properly equipped to ignore them and continue keeping the focus on women.

  • She did get a minor slap on the wrist, actually.
    I suppose even some feminist supporters can flinch at some level of openness and honesty in feministic rape-apologia, victim-blaming and paedophile excuse-fishing.

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