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MALE DISPOSABILITY – The Church of Football


Commentariat, here’s a chance to help out. I want to look at football as a cultural phenomenon in American society, all the way from high school to college to professional ball, and I realize that after decades of avoiding the subject, I am never going to know enough to say anything close to accurate.…

It goes both ways


The Huffington Post recently published an article titled The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons. The point of the article is to blame all men and boys for the experiences of women and girls as feminists interpret them. It’s the same anti-male slander with which feminists target men, re-packaged as “parenting advice” handed out in an open “letter” to the...

THE FEMINIST PIMP HAND – Rape hysteria and the female victims


Typhonblue identified the Feminist Pimp Hand as a tendency of feminists to pimp women and their sufferings and to regulate on them if they step out of line and imperil the victim narrative feminists need to justify all their demands and imprecations. Pimps use the pimp hand to beat their whores back into line but they also use it to intimidate them and get them into line in the first place, to...

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