MALE DISPOSABILITY – Erasing male rape victims, Part II – Tamen evaluates a British and a Norwegian study on rape victims and finds invalidating methodological errors

Typhonblue asked Tamen about a British study of crime, the CESW, especially about the rape statistics:

“I looked at the source documents. Is the reason why there is such a low rate of men reporting “serious sexual assault” in both the alternative and current questionnaires?”

Tamen answered:

“Yes, there are two reasons I can see right away.

Seduction, Harassment and Rape

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the differences between seduction, harassment and rape and how to articulate them clearly.

I think I’ve figured out a potential explanation based on the idea of the legitimacy of consent.

A seducer accepts their partner’s state of non-consent as legitimate, but attempts to entice them to change it.…

PARENTING – Custody battles and dirty tricks

Stories of mothers resorting to dirty tricks to get custody and/or total control of their children away from their fathers are legion – and when I say dirty tricks, I mean the lowest kind of abuse of process and the legal system and utter contempt for any kind of decency – false accusation of sexual abuse, false accusations of domestic abuse, false rape accusations.…

GENERAL – Language – the Etymological Fallacy

Now and then in the course of a discussion somewhere someone will claim “X means Y because X…” and then either quote the first or original usage of X, or else break X down into its constituent elements and then insist that the sum of these parts is what “X really means.”

I call this second type of fallacy the etymological fallacy.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – The tide seems to be turning – Joan Walsh denounces a London gym; no, she praises it by faint damnation

Joan Walsh has a good article up at Salon on a man in London suing his gym because they restrict hours to male patrons to provide male-free time to female customers but still charging the same fees. Walsh concedes he has a point, this is sexist discrimination, but where her article shines is she goes through all the reasons for this kind of discrimination and rejects them.…

ERRATICA – App alerts Icelanders if they are hooking up with a cousin

….which is a real possibility in Iceland. The population is small, on the order of 300,000, and it’s been isolated long enough that by now everyone is related to one degree or another. That’s not an insuperable obstacle, after all humans are related to some degree or other, but the degree of the relationship does matter.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Mary P. Koss and influencing a government entity to erase male victims of rape


1. Mary P. Koss insists on a definition of rape that conceals the incidence of female-on-male rape.

2. The center for disease control (CDC) is a government entity charged with serving the entire public and all citizens of the United States equally.…