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MISANDRY – Dating and a straight guy who sometimes wishes he were gay.


A redditor posted a self-reddit in which he said that dating American women made him wonder if he would be better off gay. I think he meant more than just the joy of finally getting a competent blow job. He may have meant not being subject to date-rape accusations, or at least of having a fighting chance at defending himself, or less chance of being subjected to Intimate Partner Violence.…

MISOGYNY – Misogyny? High heels and choices

M has an article up that explores reasons besides added height as possible explanations as to why women wear high heels. High heels have to rank with corsets and neckties as extremes of stupid, uncomfortable clothing.
It turns out though maybe however stupid high heels may be, they may be stupid ina very effectual way.…

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Feminist Allies of MRAs, Part II – Double Standards


Feminism is a men’s issue.  Amanda Marcotte and others repeatedly insist that feminism is good for what ails men, in other words that feminists and women get to dictate to men what solutions are valid for men’s issues. This is part of the tradcon division of labor we see in so many marriages where the woman gets the responsibility and all the power over social relations – in...

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Feminist Allies of MRAs


Something you notice almost immediately in a space like Reddit MensRights is the number of women, often self-identified feminists, sometimes ex-feminists, who come by curious about a subreddit they have heard denounced as misogynistic, and have a look for themselves – or who are just interested in men’s issue and think that’s a good place check out.…

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