HISTORY – Personalities and factionalism in late 70s feminism – courtesy of Ms. Daisy Deadhead

This is a comment DaisyDeadhead made at least a month ago. I don’t remember which thread it was and the context doesn’t really matter because the information is useful and really it stands on its own.

There is no such thing as too much clarity and part of clarity is granularity and attention to detail.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Mary P. Koss, rape apologist, defines male rape victims out of existence

Mary P. Koss is a widely-quoted writer on the incidence of rape. Her methods and her claims have been controversial. In 2009 a controversy developed around a paper of hers – articles and threads here, here, and here.

She is an influential writer on the subject and her methods and results deserve scrutiny.

MALE DISPOSABILITY – DOD to lift the ban on women in combat – Whoopdy-doo – Let’s see if they manage to keep from fucking this up.

And the signs are not good. Judging from their stated motive for lifting the ban, they have it exactly backwards.

“Advocates have long said that banning women from elite combat roles was not only discriminatory, but also prevented women from reaching more prestigious military ranks and receiving promotions.”

When these advocates complained the ban was discriminatory, I feel confident in guessing they were complaining about discrimination against women.…

FEMINISM IS A MEN’S RIGHTS ISSUE – A [trans] woman calls out feminist indifference to trans women and appeals to the MRM

Commenter Valerie Keefe offers this next installment of helpful advice to other feminists. Here is the first installment, by the way.

There is a lot to criticize in feminism’s malice towards trans women, and it’s not all in obscure radfem circles.…

MALE PRIVILEGE – The male privilege meme as a form of damseling

Commenter Valerie Keefe offered this for consideration and it intrigued me, so I am offering it for review and consideration. She doesn’t consider it a finished thought, so treat it as a work in progress as you read.

By the way -the male privilege meme as a form of damseling – and since it is damseling and the damsel role is an aspect of chivalry, the male privilege meme is inherently patriarchal.

MISOGYNY – Mall cops harass breast-feeding moms for “exposing themselves”

This shit again. Mall police roust a breast-feeding mother at a mall in Delaware even though there has been a state law since 1997 explicitly protecting her right to feed her kid in public.

It’s no surprise that this latest skirmish in the milk wars is at a mall.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – The hereditary warrior class

It’s been 40 years since the US stopped relying on a draft to fill its Army, although males and not females are still required to register and face significant disadvantages if they don’t. In that time the predicted rise of a hereditary warrior class has in fact taken place and is coming close to being completed.…