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Alison Tieman

Artist/Writer at Xenospora
Alison has been researching men's issues since her mother gave her "Princess at the Window" by Donna Laframboise in 1994 when she was 16. She's taken part in men's rights communities since she started posting on soc.men in 2003. Since 2011 she's run the gender apostate blog Genderratic with her pal Gingko the wonder leaf and she founded Honey Badger Brigade in 2013 with Hannah Wallen and Karen Straughan. According to Vice the pony she most resembles is Fluttershy.
Alison Tieman
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Alison Tieman

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  • Oh man. People with borderline personality disorder are the bane of my existence. I think that it is definitely a men’s issue that will gain prominence as more and more men become aware of just what it is and the devastating effect it ends up having on their lives.

    Let me be the devil’s advocate for a minute and say that I do care about these women. I mean, they are some of the most miserable, pitiful creatures I have ever encountered. They are the victims of something, it’s just that it’s nothing like what feminists would have us believe. One of my biggest fears is that I have to live in a society full of these women for the rest of my entire life and that thought, quite frankly, scares the living daylights out of me. I want them to get better.

    But quite frankly, instead of helping these women along, feminists look like they’d rather put them up on pedestals, exploit them, follow them, and create more of them. It’s very distressing. The other thing that I think we’ll discover as we take a harder look at borderline personality is that men just aren’t given any of the support or the information that they need to cope with it. Instead, traditionalists victim-blame them, accusing them of being shallow, foolish, getting what they deserve, etc. Having been in relationships with borderline women and seen other men try to cope with them as well, I can say that it’s very complicated. I think it is an ingredient in men’s suicide, a cause of domestic violence, broken families, loss of health, and various other things which feminists often shift blame back to men. I think it really destroys men because of the way, you know, when a man gets his psyche wrecked by a borderline woman and the dust clears, society turns right around and tells him he better just pick himself back up and go chase after other women as if nothing ever went wrong. But that just doesn’t work and there really isn’t anyone to help guys sort things out.

By Alison Tieman

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