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Pair Bonding


It seems to be controversial for some people that humans are a pair bonding species. Here’s a little piece of anatomical evidence that supports the contention that humans are pair bonders.
How do you get males to interact with you on an emotional level and as a person, maybe even get one of them to commit emotionally to you?…

Faking(Open Thread)


Had a thought about faking orgasm recently. In a How a Limp Dick Can Save the World I quoted a male comedian who gave lie to the idea that women give men orgasms. He described one method men give themselves orgasms while having sex with women. I also described a man from a forum I once frequented saying: I’m going to start doing what women do, I’m only going to have an orgasm when my partner...

Speshul Snowflake Koan


Just dropping a quick line here after having read something rather amusing. According to Yashar Ali, women are more empathetic to men then men are to women. This is his exact quote: Men aren’t here to save women from themselves, empathy is something that women practice with men everyday… Here’s the thing, Yashar, I’m a woman who is attempting to develop a true understanding of...

GENDERITIS – Oops, Wrong All Along


Oops – it looks like the study back in the 1940s that so many have based their notions of higher male promiscuity on for so long was botched from the beginning. Using the best methods of the time it produced results – that promiscuity gave male fruit flies and advantage that it did not give females, ergo males fuck around and females keep their legs crossed – that no one has been able...

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