GYNOCENTRISM – Hearth and Home

This entire post by GirlWritesWhat is good, excellent point after excellent point and all flowing in a clear sequence from one point to the next, but there’s one litle point I don’t quite agree with. The whole rest of the post is loaded with good points, enough to write ten posts here exploring, but there’s just this one litle point I want to address, because it’s important in gender relations.

META – Now Here’s What a Thread Should Look Like

Here’s a great old thread at Languagehat that the blogger has resurrected. (Languagehat is a old and cherished linguistics blog.) Take a look. People disagree there but are not only almost always civil with each other, but more is more important, and what makes the civility possible, they hold themselves to fairly rigorous standards of data, analysis and discussion.…

MISANDRY – Encouraging Sign – Noted Feminist Demolishes Pro-circumcision Arguments

Catherine Bennett, a well-known British feminist, has an op/ed at the Guardian that is to date the sanest, calmest, most complete and most unaswerable treatment of the circumcision question.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a feminist is saying these things.…

MISANDRY – And False Flag Operations

Jack Donovan has a good discussion of The Good Man Project and what went wrong with it. Basically it had a birth defect – it was started and formed by feminists assuming they had some special insight into gender issues and thus able to speak on men’s issues – who have tried to preach to men on how to be good, imagining that they were engaging with men’s issues.…

MISANDRY – Gender Politics and Raising Boys

Commenter RocketFrog contirbuted a really interesting comment. I thought it merited a post of its own because it descibes something I have seen across the manosphere – men who have been disparaged and emotionally abused as little children in some way by adults caught up in the gender ideology struggles of the last couple of generations (Not to say that people weren’t harmed by traditional gender ideologies, but that is a related discussion.)

One thing that stands out in his account is his mother’s recognition of the damage some of these doctrines were having on him and her actions to correct that.

MISOGYNY – Attachment Parenting and Mean Girls

Ozy Frantz has a post up in response to one by Katha Pollitt, about “attachment parenting”, which is basically the current buzzword for the way we raised my kid – my ex-wife and I almost never set him down because he was just too precious for one thing and for another it was just easier to keep track of him that way.…