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Unsafety nets: The deceptive nature of safety net culture | HBR Talk 178


This week, HBR Talk will examine the balance between the human need for safety and security, and the human need for constructive risk-taking for the welfare and advancement of both the individual, and the greater community. We’ll look at the difference between feeling safe and being safe, and how individuals who become dependent on feeling safe can actually abuse and endanger themselves and...

The House vs the Pay Gap, Pausing the Case Against the Draft | HBR News 303


Hello and welcome to HBR News where we talk about the news of the week! This week we discuss the bill being pushed through the House of Representatives that will supposedly solve the “wage gap”, the Biden Administration asks the Supreme Court to drop the case currently challenging the constitutionality of the draft and selective service, the Australian kids’ show about dogs that...


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