The Woman of the Future – Polishing the Past

A few weeks ago, I published the translation of an excellent post by Spanish blogger El Tivípata, telling the sad story of Aurora Rodríguez Carballeira and her daughter Hildegart. It caused quite a reaction, probably due to the fact that a feminist woman obsessed with women’s oppression sculpted her daughter to be the solution for that, and when she started drifting from the path her mother had chosen for her, she murdered her in her sleep.…

#Wikigate: Oversight, or political gate-keeping?

Art Plus Feminism’s edit-a-thon organizers assert that their intentions are good. In a message sent to Kraut and Tea after he began research for his article and videos about their endeavor, a representative of the organization wrote to him that no bias is included in the edit-a-thon’s goals.…

Nevermind the feminist Deathstar!

I want to start off with expressing my sincere gratitude towards the anonymous source who sent me the Link that got me interested in this matter.; and to Hannah Wallen who helped me out to a great extent in researching this topic. Without her I would probably still be stuck trawling through these pages.…

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Badger Pod Nerdcast 23: Smegheads!

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Join the badgers as we discuss “edgy” game design with “edgy” game designer James ‘Grim’ Desborough.…