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MALE DISPOSABILITY – Employers reluctant to hire veterans for fear of PTSD


Here’s a sad but predictable situation. Veterans generally have worse unemployment rates than the general population, although there has been an anomalous improvement recently. Some employers make special a special effort to hire veterans, but others make another kind of special effort – they shy away from hiring guys who might have “flashbacks.” Yeah, that old stereotype has not died yet.…

MISOGYNY –The Religious Right and Military Medicine; Rape and the Military Abortion Ban


Here’s an example that I had no reason not to know about and yet it wasn’t until someone pointed it out to me. This was in the local paper the other day.
 MG Donna Barbisch (Rtd.) wrote a very sober and modest opinion piece that pointed out that military women who get pregnant by rape are not able to get abortions through the military medical system.…

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