Breaking the Narrative Episode 10: Skintight? Holy Speedos Fatman!

Hello once again!
Let’s keep on with dealing in male representation video games, which we talked about last time by showing the consistency of positive minority role models throughout history. Now we are going to show how male forms are equally and consistently sexualized in the medium of video games.…

Where have all the Yes-men gone?

by Fred Sykes

Back in 1981 I was working for a small advertising agency.  I didn’t work there long (longtime jobs are rare in advertising), but I do remember the boss well.  He was a dapper, carefully-coiffed, GQ sort of man.  He definitely looked the part of an advertising exec. …

The Southern Belle: Queen of the South

To begin I wish to put forth my hypothesis: the Southern Belle archetype is one of the most powerful female archetypes on the face of the planet. This is based upon the theory of social influence overtaking political power and being what truly guides our civilization.…

Are You in a Relationship with the Wrong Woman?

Too often, men who are just getting into a relation, end up finding that the relationship they try to build falls apart and they want to know what they’re doing wrong. The harsh reality is that they are not doing anything wrong, except for the fact that they’re dating the wrong type of women for them. …

Manspreading In All the Wrong Places

So Manspreading has been in the news recently. Two men in New York were arrested for spreading their legs on a subway. It sounds stupid when you say it out loud, yet, it is true. Before we discuss what happened to these men, we need to understand what is manspreading and the controversy behind it.…

Diffusion of Responsibility

In April, I participated in the A to Z challenge for my blog. This was my second year and likely my last year doing this. What I did for the challenge was introduce terms that should be taught as literary terms for a new age. To write about life, we need to understand life.…

This is what sexual entitlement looks like: White men, Asian women, and the white women who hate them

In a post from a long time ago, unrelated to the actual topic of the post, a very interesting discussion of sexual ownership developed. (This is why I cherish thread drift, by the way.) The issue was the way white women treat—judging, sneering, accusing—white men who are in romantic relationships with non-white women, especially Asian* women.…

HYPOAGENCY – Shifting the goalposts on rape to retain victim status

Female hypoagency, the notion that women have no agency and that their actions are somehow ineffectual compared to men’. Victimhood is the ultimate expression of hypoagency. As Typhonblue has pointed out repeatedly, victim cred is a strategic resource and it must be guarded.

DOUBLE STANDARDS – HPV and cunnilingus and how only women-haters won’t go down

This just in: 

The virus, HPV, is best known for causing cervical cancer. But experts say it also is a growing cause of certain types of oral cancer, those in the upper throat. In the U.S., the American Cancer Society estimates there will be nearly 14,000 new cases of upper throat cancer this year.

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Donglegate – This is what sexual entitlement looks like

Patrick Brown makes a very good point in this thread about women imposing their own standards of decency and speech on men in the workplace, or elsewhere for that matter:

Patrick Brown on 2013-03-26 at 9:51 am said:
Thing is though – as you point out with your link – it’s not actually a female norm.