Pathological Altruism: The Road to Hell is Paved with Hair Dye and Vagina Bread

You know, it never fails to astound me when I see people, when commenting on Feminists Behaving Badly, saying such things as, “They know exactly what they’re doing! They’s evil!

While the people who often make such accusations fall firmly into the realm of trait ascription bias, the caricature is all-too-common, especially in online realms.

Privilege and Prejudice: Social Justice in an age of Shame Immunization.

By Robert Crayle

I recently read an article by a blogger named Loki the Scottish Rapper called “PRIVILEGE AND PREJUDICE: SOCIAL JUSTICE IN AN AGE OF MALE CONFUSION.”

I thought I would pick out a few snippets from this blog. Quotes from the article are in speech marks:

“If we don’t initiate our young men into the tribe they will come back and burn the village down – or so the famous, slightly paraphrased, African proverb warns. …

The Spectre of feminism

by Alex Thorne

I’ll begin this piece by clumsily using the first line from Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels’ Communist Manifesto: ‘There is a spectre haunting Europe; The spectre of Communism’ [1]. For the purpose of today’s idea, I’d like you to replace the word ‘Communism’ with ‘Feminism’.…

Reading, writing, and… resentment?

Q: How does a social justice organization attempt to promote unity and community among students and parents in a diverse school system?

A: Engage in a divisive misplaced guilt campaign!

Recently, a group called Students Promoting Unity and Diversity (SPUD) offered an identity politics propaganda display to parents from the Oakland County, Michigan school system to promote a social justice program in area schools.…

After Cologne NYE: Relevant developments summarized

After Cologne – Events summarized.


1: The right wing reaction was immediate and loud with protests taking place in the aftermath as soon as the next day.
The number of protests organized by right wing political movements has increased and protests are now held nationwide.…

Definitely the only argument against political correctness.

Donald Trump says: “I think the big problem this country (referring to the US) has is being politically correct.” I agree with him.

In a quest of “politically correct” and not offend anyone (except, of course, Men, whites and Christians who are always fair game), the PC police among us are quick to go after anyone and everyone who utters a name, term, or phrase, that they deem to be offensive.…

The false dilemma of the rapacious Muslim narrative

I’ve seen it all over social media and news sites; the use of a false dilemma argument to promote a variety of agendas all dependent on exploiting incidents like the Cologne. One must either listen and believe, or be assumed to condone the sexual violence alleged to have taken place.…

The Independent shifts the blame in Cologne to all men

The Independent has recently published an article in regards to the Cologne attack in Germany during NYE in which around 1,000 men of predominantly North African and Arab descent were reported to have robbed, sexually assaulted and raped numerous women.…