Breaking the Narratve Episode 52: EXTREME MISOGYNY BRO!

So today, we are going after the UK rag The Independent, primarily because they just can’t help but be so blatantly ironic in the writing of this article. From my comprehension their position is like most contemporary ‘news’ media of being extreme to the left.…

Breaking The Narrative Episode 36: College Humor? These Comics Are Shit!

I was trolling around on my facebook and came across this from a site called Bored Panda, promoting a shit feminist narrative from College Humor. It’s ten images of what it would look like if the government representation situation was reversed.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 35: Anime Feminist, huh? Nazis You Say?

I am not sure if you remember but in September of 2016 I tackled The Mary Sue talking shit about moe anime. Well it turns out that Amelia Cook, author of the piece I debunked there, has her own website known as, this being an apparent ‘self descriptor.’ Since I’ve fried some bigger fish since then, I thought I’d try to see what hi-jinx this insecure lout has been up to, and I got to say I found some choice material.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 33: Wibbly Wobbly Wordy Lordy Stuffs! Why Do These Labels Make No Sense?”

Due to the events that seem to keep popping up since the inauguration, hell, for the past 50+ years or so, I think that we need to talk about two very specific labels concerning politics: Liberal and Conservative.  You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with Men’s Rights or Vidya Alex?” For the latter it means very little, as video games are not something of a political issue in the strictest sense.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 30: Hail to the Chief. Top 10 Democratically Elected Female Government Heads!

Hey there everyone, sorry this is posted a little late, I had some family issues to deal with this past week but I should be back on schedule after this week.  This time around we are working towards Inauguration Day for God Emperor Trump: The Ultimate Triggering.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 28: Did Gynocentrism End the Roman Empire?

As of the posting of this article its officially 2017,  good day Current Year +2. So to start off strong I’m pouncing on something that is fairly serious and rather appropriate considering last year. Did extreme Gynocentrism cause the fall of Rome?…

The Alienation of Men in Fiction

by Aaron Doudy

That’s right. It’s time to analyze culture and business! Aren’t you all excited? You’re not?

Shut up.
We’re going to talk about it anyway
. Stretch those brain muscles of yours. It’s good for them.

Anyway, it’s no secret that in the publishing industry the majority of readers in their audience are female.

Feminist and social justice editions: Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy

By Not Faber451

In George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, the three super states Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia are always at war with each other. The true purpose of the war is revealed near the two-third mark of the plot: the war exists to be a drain on manpower and resources, so living standards cannot improve in a way that will disrupt the current balance of power.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 21: Praise Unto the Golden LOLCow

Well this is gonna be fun, a piece on Clinton. How can I touch upon this specifically?  Do I do the recent issues with her emails? Nah- too easy. Do I attack her shit work as Secretary of State or Senator to New York? Mmmmm, tempting but no. I’m gonna dig into something that is a set up for a future article I have planned.…

Pathological Altruism: The Road to Hell is Paved with Hair Dye and Vagina Bread

You know, it never fails to astound me when I see people, when commenting on Feminists Behaving Badly, saying such things as, “They know exactly what they’re doing! They’s evil!

While the people who often make such accusations fall firmly into the realm of trait ascription bias, the caricature is all-too-common, especially in online realms.