Faggots are officially out (of the progressive stack)

”Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is…” Hold on to your panties Anita, haven’t you heard of homonormativity? That’s right. Being in a group that corresponds to 3–5% of the population is too normal for the SocJus machine.…

A dummies guide for teenage girls on how to respect boys

By Karn33333

This is a response to “A Dummies guide for teenage boys on how to respect girls.” It was originally going to be a parody but instead took a more serious note as the writing continued.

1. Treat boys as human because that is what they are.…

Feminists don’t understand cake

Most people know the old saying, “You can’t have your cake, and eat it too.” The saying is a way of expressing that when one possible choice makes a condition impossible, you can’t expect to make that choice while retaining that condition.…

Breaking the Narrative Special 1: Anti-Feminists Are Dangerous? Really Now!

I’m sure the lot of you have seen by now this article on Oxygen.com (http://archive.is/2byvF , posting archive for those who wish to avoid giving into their clickbait.), the 7 Dangerous Anti-Feminist Groups You Should Know About by Eric Shorey.…

Why the Mainstream Media Actually Fears Gamers.

Full disclosure: This is purely an opinion piece however it is informed by the actions of the past.

When #GamerGate, The Quinnspiracy and the various events surrounding the Internet Culture War that spun out of it started two years ago, no one thought for a moment that it would last even a month.…

Letter to the Badgers: Excerpt from a Swedish newspaper

Hello Badgers,

First of all, I want to thank you all for your fantastic work bringing to light issues that very few other people dare to talk about.
I thought I would share something ridiculous I found in a Swedish newspaper today. See the attached image and the translation below:
The top line says “Men’s* contribution to discussions about rape on social medias”
The first color of the pie chart says “Ideas about how to fight rape and sexual harassment”
The second color says “How short was the girl’s skirt?/Had she been drinking?/Did she clearly say No?”
The third color says “Remind people that actually not all men rape!!”
And then lastly, the asterisk says “*Not all men ;)”
This picture is where the comic section of the newspaper usually is, so people might claim it’s a joke, but it does very much seem like a “funny cause it’s true” kind of mentality.

Chanty Binx Wants Your Shekels, Misogynists!

I imagine most people here are already accustomed to the red haired meme face of feminism, Chanty Binx, but for those who aren’t familiar with her she protested a MRM related conference at the University of Toronto and outside this conference she engaged in an argument with 2 MRAs which after being recorded was uploaded to the internet in the form of the following video.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 7: Analysis of Samus Aran, Is She Really a Token Female?

As we’ve seen so far in this series it is beyond easy to debunk the Video Games vs. Women argument we’ve been dealing with for the past 4 years.

“But Alex, #GamerGate has only lasted 2…” I’m starting from Sarkeesian opening her KickStarter.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 5: 2006-2012, Before the Dark Days Came

As I am starting to write this latest episode #ShuffleGate has become a thing. Zoe Quinn high on her own arrogant egotism and unable to realize that she is nothing more than a shallow Nixon allegory whines at Nintendo. A company who had reached their last peak in this era.…

Calgary Expo Lawyer: “I was uninformed about my client’s name”

Honey Badgers Brigade started its suit against Calgary Expo in 2015 because of its illegal expulsion from the 2015 Calgary Comix Exposition. Its claim is being pursued in the Alberta Provincial Court to set a precedent to defend freedom of expression in the comic culture.…