Breaking the Narrative Episode 100! Confusing Interest with Consent? Fuck My Life…Wait Don’t!

This week my loving wife decided to bring a study we seemed to have overlooked to my attention.¬† Now while it hasn’t really gained traction yet it seems that some people have already decided to talk about it¬†this year. Now what does this study say for those who haven’t looked at the links?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 98: Broke? It Never Even Worked! The Violence Against Women Act’s Incompetence.

Merry Meet all….this article will not be one of jokes or of lightheartedness because the source material I will be using as an example for the core of my argument is rather somber. Whats more is I wish to say I don’t feel any one person in this dour event is particularly at fault so much as the combination systems and actions by the feminist ideologues that have done their damnedest to mold our society into one of their choosing.…

How Alison Tieman became a woman kicked out of comics

In 2015 I was evicted from the Calgary Comics Expo and banned from all their conventions for a period of 10 years because(imo) feminist Sam Maggs decided she didn’t like me questioning feminism or advocating for men’s rights. For three years I fought back against my unlawful eviction, banning and blacklisting.…

Breaking The Narrative Episode 95: A Journey of Vengeance? Reviewing Shenmue I+II

The year is 2000, I had been an owner of a Sega Dreamcast, playing Phantasy Star Online for months on effectively the first console I ever personally owned. It wouldn’t be much longer before I owned a Playstation 2. Shenmue had gotten released in the United States and I was enthralled.…

Title IX: Targeting men for whose protection? Part 2 | HBR Talk 48

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Video: Professor Eric Anderson speaks at the 2018 International Conference on Men’s Issues

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