Chanty Binx Wants Your Shekels, Misogynists!

I imagine most people here are already accustomed to the red haired meme face of feminism, Chanty Binx, but for those who aren’t familiar with her she protested a MRM related conference at the University of Toronto and outside this conference she engaged in an argument with 2 MRAs which after being recorded was uploaded to the internet in the form of the following video.…

Badger mail: A ling comment on Chad

Hello Badgers,

I just wanted to comment on episode ‘Rantzerker 64: Women of the World, Western Women Pity You.’

I’ve been to Chad, I spent a month there for my internship in Bible College back in ’08. I celebrated Christmas there so I can answer Bono’s question that they do know it’s Christmas time.…

480 Sexual Assaults at the Men’s Rights Conference

[The names of the survivors in the following have been concealed and given anonymity for their own safety, well-being and fear of retaliation for speaking out]

            “The incident deeply affected me, to be honest. I wake weeping in the night sometimes, after dreaming my tongue has been taken by a mad Canadian, and I no longer frequent beer gardens.”

Rape Culture at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, ICMI16 in London.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 7: Analysis of Samus Aran, Is She Really a Token Female?

As we’ve seen so far in this series it is beyond easy to debunk the Video Games vs. Women argument we’ve been dealing with for the past 4 years.

“But Alex, #GamerGate has only lasted 2…” I’m starting from Sarkeesian opening her KickStarter.…

Is the Pope a Feminist? And what’s “Wives Submit” mean anyway?

*Update*: After this article was published here on HBB, some found a 2015 story from a Conservative News Source where Francis supposedly blamed the marriage decline on male chauvinism. The story is not true, although Francis’s actual remarks still deserve criticism.

Men need to change… the rest of us are fine!

This piece is inspired by an article (not a full answer to it) published in the New York Times on April 4th, 2016. It’s written by Andrew Reiner and entitled “Teaching men to be emotionally honest”. You’ll find the original article here:

So, this article gives me mixed feelings.…

Letter to the badgers: Thanks for everything

Dear Honeybadger Brigade,

Thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ve been trying to donate for the longest, but now that I’ve got some extra income, from tax returns and a bonus (which you bets believe Uncle Sam took his cut ¬_¬), I’ve decided to put a hand fill of shillings in the hat.

Suffolk County Police Department Side-Stepping Sexist Norms Regarding Treatment of Domestic Violence

by Siobhan H

Men and those in LGBT relationships suffering abuse in Suffolk County, New York may have a better chance at getting the help they need thanks to the Domestic Violence Bureau headed by Sergeant Kelly Lynch at the SCPD.

I held a short interview over the phone with Sergeant Lynch to see how those at Suffolk County Police Department handled domestic violence cases, both as first-responders and as follow-up support.

The henpecked husband

The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 27th May 2015. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:

On one of those absurd reality TV programs we are used to, a great house was being offered as a prize.…