Why Feminazi is a perfectly valid word

If your repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it and you will even come to believe it yourself.  Joseph Goebbels.

You know, feminists make a huge fuss whenever you mention the word “feminazi”. They will tell you that such a word doesn’t exist; that it is only used by bigots who want to discredit their movement; that anyone who uses it is automatically a misogynist and no further debate is necessary; that it is a symptom of fear-mongering and bad argumentation skills (after all, we know the golden rule of debate: if nothing else works, compare them to the Nazis.…

10 reasons to reject the notion of a “gender perspective”

The following article is an English translation of an original article by El Tivípata, a Spanish blogger specialized in antifeminism. Originally published on 8th August 2016. Published with his explicit permission. Link to the original in Spanish:


Are there issues that primarily affect women?…

Badger mail: A ling comment on Chad

Hello Badgers,

I just wanted to comment on episode ‘Rantzerker 64: Women of the World, Western Women Pity You.’

I’ve been to Chad, I spent a month there for my internship in Bible College back in ’08. I celebrated Christmas there so I can answer Bono’s question that they do know it’s Christmas time.…

480 Sexual Assaults at the Men’s Rights Conference

[The names of the survivors in the following have been concealed and given anonymity for their own safety, well-being and fear of retaliation for speaking out]

            “The incident deeply affected me, to be honest. I wake weeping in the night sometimes, after dreaming my tongue has been taken by a mad Canadian, and I no longer frequent beer gardens.”

Rape Culture at the second International Conference on Men’s Issues, ICMI16 in London.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 9: Representation? No Problem!

Last time we had some fun showing how the damsel role is not a permanent thing in gaming. This time, let’s change gears to representation. I’m not talking about just women this time! I’m talking about perceived minority characters in leading roles.…

The Supposed Origins of Patriarchy

By Patriarchal Prophet

Patriarchy is a funny thing. Feminists use to justify anything, often through using it as a supposed institution that can seemingly magically make anything institutionalized, but when questioned on it Patriarchy is talked about as a hairy fairy “social system.” So wouldn’t we all like to know where this came from?…

The wage gap myth, smashed

by Empress
with comparison data from http://anti-feminism-pro-equality.tumblr.com/

The wage gap does not exist in the way feminists interpret as; there are crucial factors that must be accounted for (i.e career/field of choice and sick days) and one of the factors fortunately is NOT sexism.…

Suffolk County Police Department Side-Stepping Sexist Norms Regarding Treatment of Domestic Violence

by Siobhan H

Men and those in LGBT relationships suffering abuse in Suffolk County, New York may have a better chance at getting the help they need thanks to the Domestic Violence Bureau headed by Sergeant Kelly Lynch at the SCPD.

I held a short interview over the phone with Sergeant Lynch to see how those at Suffolk County Police Department handled domestic violence cases, both as first-responders and as follow-up support.