#International Men’s day, #Movember, & leading by example | HBR Talk 60

Join Anna Cherry, Karen Straughan, and Hannah Wallen as we discuss the upcoming holiday, International Men’s Day, and its theme, Leading by example, through looking at examples like the Movember foundation. Tune in @ 7pm Eastern

Opening monologue transcript

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 102: So Much Blood! Whats Up With Goblin Slayer???

If you are in any way acquainted with anime then this past month you’ve likely heard of the new series Goblin Slayer! With the fourth episode having just passed, I figured that this makes for the best time to cover it. This is not just because of how much is out there but because it’s Halloween.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 101: I Feel Moist! A Review of Hinomaru-Zumou.

Well here is an anime that’s going to be rare and odd for me. I’m going to review a….SPORTS ANIME!
“Wait, wasn’t Keijo a sp…”
This one is called Hinomaru-Zumou or Sumo Wrestler Hinomaru.…

Tolerance for malicious #MeToo victim-signalling is barbaric

Realize… many, many bad people are bad because they respond to facing adversity – real or perceived – by trying to forcibly transfer it to some unwilling, innocent person, a scapegoat, instead of using their strengths or confronting their weaknesses in order to overcome it.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 100! Confusing Interest with Consent? Fuck My Life…Wait Don’t!

This week my loving wife decided to bring a study we seemed to have overlooked to my attention.  Now while it hasn’t really gained traction yet it seems that some people have already decided to talk about it this year. Now what does this study say for those who haven’t looked at the links?…

Title IX and the #MeToo Liar’s game | HBR Talk 53

Tune in to HBR Talk for the final segment on Rowan University’s Title IX speaker, Laura Dunn, and her victim narrative, with reactions, analysis, and further discussion by Prim Reaper, Undercover badger Andrew, and host Hannah Wallen! Listen in @ 8PM

Opening video transcript:

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 98: Broke? It Never Even Worked! The Violence Against Women Act’s Incompetence.

Merry Meet all….this article will not be one of jokes or of lightheartedness because the source material I will be using as an example for the core of my argument is rather somber. Whats more is I wish to say I don’t feel any one person in this dour event is particularly at fault so much as the combination systems and actions by the feminist ideologues that have done their damnedest to mold our society into one of their choosing.…

“Equality!” | HBR Talk 51

Join Karen Straughan, Hannah Wallen, and undercover badger Andrew as we continue our examination of the musings of a professional victim as part of the recent Title IX Research and Resources conference at Rowan University. Tune in @ 8pm Eastern!

Transcript for opening video:

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