Breaking the Narrative Episode 87: Strike Hard, Strike First, Not Manly? A Review of YouTube’s Cobra Kai!

Before I begin I must apologize again for my absence. I’ve made nods to my poor relationship with my mother in the past. However she was still my mother, keyword there was. Alice Jean Sherer, the woman who bore me and had me circumcised, left this world at 7:21 PM CST on May 21, 2018.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 86: Wax On, Whacked Off! An Overview of The Karate Kid Parts 1 – 3!

With the advent of YouTube’s Cobra Kai net-only live action show we are given a unique chance to not only see various different forms of mentorship and masculine interaction but how perspective can make or break the context of an action.  However, to begin doing this we need the entirety of the core work this is a supplement to.…

Badgering through feminism’s tone police | HBR Talk 35

Join us on this week’s HBR Talk, in preparation for the next step on our trip down memory lane, we examine the shaming language feminists use to control the dialogue on gender issues. Tune in at 8PM Eastern!

Exposing Feminism’s article, The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

Song at beginning of opening video: “Social Justice Brain Shuffle” by Mad Men Ministries
Full song

Transcript for opening video:
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Breaking The Narrative Episode 84: Aim for the Top! A Review of Megalo Box!

Something I’ve been noticing this season of anime is a lot of anime coming out that show the true nature of men and masculinity. Either through what we’ve gone over with emotion in Souten No Ken Regenesis, or with the nature of a show I plan on covering later called Devil’s Line, which not only tackles demonization and isolation, but the loneliness that occurs from it.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 83 : Can A Bloodsoaked Demon Shed Tears? Fist of the Blue Sky: ReGenesis!

I was going to do a tear apart of AniFem’s review of this new release in what I’ll effectively call the ‘Fist of‘ franchise, even if it only consists of Fist of the North Star and Fist of the Blue Sky, essentially. However considering the overall feeling and legacy this cult classic property holds, I think I’ll do something that I bet AniFem refuses to do – Give this series a two episode cover.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 82: The legend that inspired two countries of boys, Shotaro Ishinomori

This time around I have decided to cover another creator who has inspired several generations of young boys and men with a strong example of honorable and self-sacrificing men. If Osamu Tezuka is Japan’s equivalent to Walt Disney then today’s subject, Shotaro Ishinomori, is their Stan Lee! …

Women most affected – climate of the accountability gap | HBR Talk 30

Join Hannah, Karen, and Prim as we examine feminism’s hot take on global warming. Who’d have thought the end of the world would be so sexist? Tune in @8pm Eastern!
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Breaking the Narrative Episode 80: Introspection and Self-Reflection. Are We Doing a Good Job?

I’m sure many here have not only seen certain developments that been going for some time in relation to internet culture and interaction with what Raging Golden Eagle has called ‘meatspace.’ In fact I do kind of enjoy his approach to the subject of how society is evolving via ‘netspace’ interactions.…

Less equal: Accountability Gap enabled – HBR Talk 28

Join the Badgers, Hannah, Anna, and Prim, as we put another women’s march talking point to the accountability test! Tune in @8pm Eastern.

Show notes:

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 0079: Variations and Evolution of Masculine Rivalry! Conflict Between Men Can Be Constructive!

I first apologize for the obvious Universal Century joke in the title of this article, but I thought it was neat correlation considering what I’m covering this week. Yes, I’m going to be covering male rivalry and how it can be both destructive and constructive.…