Hulk Hogan vs Gawker courtroom smackdown

Final testimony and closing arguments were heard on Thursday and Friday in Hulk Hogan’s privacy lawsuit against Gawker for the tabloid site’s publication of secretly recorded video of him engaged in a sex act.

The video was published in 2012 along with an article examining public fascination with celebrity sex tapes.

Mean girled: Crybully has Mercedes Carrera deplatformed at SXSW

Today’s SavePoint panel, a discussion on the gaming community hosted by South by Southwest, almost didn’t happen. Upon learning that it had been scheduled, opponents of #Gamergate engaged in a concentrated campaign to heckle the administrators of SXSW into canceling it, and at one point, it seemed they had been successful.

#Wikigate: Oversight, or political gate-keeping?

Art Plus Feminism’s edit-a-thon organizers assert that their intentions are good. In a message sent to Kraut and Tea after he began research for his article and videos about their endeavor, a representative of the organization wrote to him that no bias is included in the edit-a-thon’s goals.…

Nevermind the feminist Deathstar!

I want to start off with expressing my sincere gratitude towards the anonymous source who sent me the Link that got me interested in this matter.; and to Hannah Wallen who helped me out to a great extent in researching this topic. Without her I would probably still be stuck trawling through these pages.…

Feministo + Collaborators; teaching journalists on how to bias their reporting

Use the Right Words” is an unfocused and poorly researched guide giving highly questionable advice to journalists reporting on sexual violence. Published by Feministo & collaborators, the document includes a highly biased list of Do’s and Don’ts as well as advice on finding and interviewing victims and tips for journalists who encounter sexual violence.…

#gamergate: Is establishment journalism dead?

“Journalistic integrity.”

Many of us in the men’s issues community have been calling that phrase an oxymoron for a long time. Establishment media hasn’t killed it, but it has irreparably damaged our belief in it.

When I say establishment media, I’m talking about the sources many people refer to as mainstream.…