Breaking the Narrative Episode 53: Still Want That Baby Soft Skin Huh? INTACTIVISM NOW!

In approximately 86% of the Western world if you’ve had a son or were born a son during the late 20th century, chances are you’ve been exposed to Male Genital Mutilation, also known as circumcision. Well what if I were to tell you that there is actually a first world country that has both its medical establishment and its citizenry wanting the practice banned?…

Foregen sees progress in foreskin regeneration research

Due to the subject matter of this article, it should be noted that links and video in this article will include material that is not safe for work (NSFW.)


Foregen is a company working to regenerate the foreskin for circumcised males. The company’s website states two reasons for doing this:

  • To reverse the harm done by circumcision.

No justification for routine neonatal circumcision, part 2, unmerited social support

In my last post, I looked at fallacious medical arguments in favor of routine neonatal circumcision. Careful examination of the facts and application of logic to the available information led to the conclusion that there is no medical excuse for the practice.…

No justification for routine neonatal circumcision, part 1, fallacious medical support

The circumcision debate never seems to end. Once promoted as a cure for all manner of unrelated and often harmless conditions, it has repeatedly been proved unnecessary and damaging. Each time society appears prepared to abandon the practice, proponents seek out another excuse to continue it.…