Legal Draft Calgary Expo Expulsion Honey Badger Brigade July 14th, 2015

 These are the current legal documents prepared for Honey Badger Brigade’s lawsuit against the Alberta Comic & Entertainment Expo Inc. Attached is also an invoice for consultation regarding our lawsuit and creation of these initial documents.

Legal Suit Update

Honey Badger Brigade is focused on pursuing those avenues of legal redress that will bring about both the swiftest and greatest likelihood of success. We believe that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should include protections against Canadians being discriminated for expressing their beliefs, however at this time we are not pursing challenging this exclusion in the charter.…

Our Expulsion from Calgary Comics And Entertainment Expo UPDATE


All of the badgers are now back home. We’re tired but ready to get back in to the rhythm of making radio.

We also have been working exhaustively on the issue of our expulsion from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo and there will be a significant press release Saturday April 25th at 5 PM Mountain time.…