Breaking the Narrative Episode 10: Skintight? Holy Speedos Fatman!

Hello once again!
Let’s keep on with dealing in male representation video games, which we talked about last time by showing the consistency of positive minority role models throughout history. Now we are going to show how male forms are equally and consistently sexualized in the medium of video games.…

JUST FOR FUN – the Italian “naked man” orchid

Mother Nature is an MRA!

Orchis italica is known as the naked man orchid. Orchidaceae is a gigantic family, one the largest among land plants, with around 25,000 species in 890 genera. It certainly has something for everyone.

The name of this genus and of the family in general is based on the Greek for “testicle.” Apparently this genus forms tubers that tend to grow in pairs, so they look like a pair of nuts if you dig them up.…

HOMOPHOBIA – All these desperate new “religious freedom” laws, and why they are a very good sign

In a time when laws and constitutional amendments against same-sex marriage are falling almost daily – Utah, Nevada, Virginia (especially poignant);  and Michigan will probably be next – to federal court decisions resting on United States v.

HOMOPHOBIA – Why homophobia is not some subset of “femmephobia”

…and I put “femmephobia” in quotes, because from where I sit this culture is structurally gynophile; not only does it value and reward conventional femininity but it values it above just about everything else, brigading men into protecting, providing for and honoring women by law, custom and social policy.…

HOMOPHOBIA – The homophobia that wasn’t

Behold the power of victimhood.

Did you catch the story about the waitress in New Jersey who claimed some customers stiffed her on the tip and wrote on the receipt that the reason was that they didn’t approve of her lifestyle? Donations poured in to make up the tip she had missed out on and she decided to donate it all to the Wounded Warrior Project.…

MISANDRY – Isolating Men: Platonic touch and gay-shaming

In its continuing quest to look like it cares about men The Good Man Project had a post decrying the way men are barred for Platonic touch in our culture, and the harm this inflicts on men.

On the Reddit thread where this article was posted dungone made these comments:

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Going to call bullshit on this.