Breaking the Narrative Episode 44: RenAi BoKun/Love Tyrant Breaking A Review!

Well everyone, this week I’ve decided that I should do another anime review to show the idiot feminists we’ve been dealing with how it’s done. I checked and AniFem does have a review of this show themselves but if last week was any indicator it’s likely shit.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 43: Getting off your behind now AniFem? For the Mecha-Lolis!

Well then it seems that Ms. Amelia Cook is at it again finally, perhaps this will quench my anime bloodlust. Today I found upon her site a review of a new show called Frame Arms Girl. As of this writing the show is on its second episode and will be on its third soon after the release of this article.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 41: Feminists Tell Noobs How to Get Into Dungeons and Dragons!

To keep with the gaming attitude I’m going for something just left of where we’ve been aimed at for the past two weeks. We are going into an article based around Dungeons and Dragons as you’ve obviously seen from the title, but where is the context?…

Women’s Suffrage: Cancer Juice

I got bad news folks: The Progressive Morale Officer of the Men’s Rights Movement just committed suicide. But we don’t really have time to mourn, because we need to sit down and have a little chat. I write this to explain a wake-up call I’ve had recently, to give an uncomfortable Red Pill reality check to the MRM in regards to what we say we’re doing versus what we are doing.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 40: A Link to the Future! A Legend About Compassion for Men?

Last week I tore apart Sarkeesian’s arguement about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This week I’m going to go into a potential reason why she did it. My hypothesis is if either she or McIntosh did play enough of it, the narrative it puts forward by the game centers around compassion for one’s fellow human beings… or in this case Hylians.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 39: Sarkeesian You Cheap Dunce! Proof You Don’t Play the Game!

Alright, this might be a little short and quite spoilery. This whole thing is based around a series of tweets that prove once and for all that Anita Sarkeesian never plays the games, should never be listened to, and should lose any and all support that she has garnered over the past 5 years.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 38: Of Rebuilds and Rebirths! Lilith is a Feminist!

Alright, here we go back into the fray! Last time on Breaking the Narrative we were dealing with Freudian stereotypes, cult masturbation and exploding economies! In other words, another day in the life of feminist power politics. No surprise here.…

Letter to the Badgers on sexual assault against disabled males

By Peter Wright

Excerpt from the 3-part series, “A male-centered approach to disability.”

Disabled males are four times more likely than nondisabled men to be sexually assaulted or raped.[3] The researchers of that study found that more than 5 percent of disabled men reported experiencing sexual assault during the past year, about equal to sexual assaults against disabled women.[3]

Citation: [3] Mitra, Monika, Vera E.

Breaking the Narrative Episode 37: Third Impact! Anime Feminism Evangelist!

Why did I decide to do this one? Oh right, its more recent and I can’t just defend things I like all the time, it makes me sloppy. If you are an avid anime fan I think you can tell that I’m defending Neon Genesis Evangelion. As you can probably tell from my tone I don’t like this series. …

Valar morghulis: Investigations into violence and nudity in the HBO television adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-6 (Spoilers, duh..) p12

By SirSkeptic

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