FEMININITIES – Chang E and exile on the moon

Saturday is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the first full moon after the autumnal equinox, when Change E – 嫦娥 – comes down from the moon for a visit with her earthbound husband Hou Yi -后羿. Tacoma hosts a celebration and we’re going down to hear some opera – the trains run right by the park, about four or five every hour, and that’s about what it takes to make Chinese opera tolerable – then and send the lady back to the moon after that, then come home and have some mooncakes and wine.…

SLY INVERSIONS – The “What are men good for?” meme

The question itself is man-hating. Imagine the indignation if you asked what women are good for. What a brute you would be for even asking.

But anyway this question has been banging around in the culture for years now, since at least the 70s when Gloria Steinem came out with her clever little bon mot “A woman needs man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Munkdebates is planning a debate on whether men are superfluous or not, with all four participants women.…

FEMININITIES – Hyperagency kills when hypoagency pulls the trigger – Trayvon Martin and the fears of white women

I am not Trayvon Martin, I am not Tracy Martin, and I can hardly aspire to the Christlike serenity in the face of unbearable grief and rage of Sabrina Fulton, his mother. I am not Tracy Martin, but like I have a son and like Trayvon that son was 18 once, so I know what it is to worry about the safety of a son in a dangerous world.…

MISANDRY – The form the backlash is taking – feminists trying to “colonize” men’s issues and failing miserably because they don’t even know what they are

For about a year or so the backlash against the men’s movement has taken the form of questioning the need for a men’s movement by insisting that feminism already does everything the men’s movement says it wants. We see crap like this: Amanda Marcotte’s insultingly witless attempt, Lindy West’s pathetically witless attempt – pathetic because I really think the poor dear imagines she is talking to men in this article, instead of the circlelick of her own echo chamber… And that’s about as good as it gets when it comes to feminism being the cure for men’s ills.…

SLY INVERSIONS – Prostitution and Rape Culture

The State of Washington defines prostitution:

RCW 9A.88.030

(1) A person is guilty of prostitution if such person engages or agrees or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee.

(2) For purposes of this section, “sexual conduct” means “sexual intercourse” or “sexual contact,” both as defined in chapter 9A.44 RCW.

EVIDENCE COLLECTION – Patterns of feminists making death threats

A common accusation aimed at Men’s Human Rights activists (MHRAs) is that they are violent, that the movement is violent, that it is motivated by raw, raging misogyny. The response typically is that all the actual violence seems to be coming from feminists and that this accusation is just the product of projection.…

SEXUAL TRANSACTIONALISM – Success objects, separating the men from the boys and transactionalism in sexual relationships

Miguel Bloomfontosis discusses this in a post from last year, where he identifies a double standard when it comes to transactionalism in sexual relationships. And judging from the responses he got, he hit a nerve with this.

In his post Miguel links to a post where a woman describes a dating experience that ends in a decision to stop dating “boys” and to concentrate from now on on “men” – boys with all the paraphernalia of economic success.…

THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA – “Female” as a slur

Believe it or not……

Did you know that “female” is now considered a misogynistic slur in some quarters? Oh yes, and you are a woman-hating oppressor if you don’t fall into line.

There several kinds of dysfunction on display in this one:

First there is the appropriation of opprobrium over genuinely offensive and more to the point, actually dangerous terms such as “nigger’ or “faggot” that have a long history of licensing actual violence, both mid to high level terrorist violence up to and including murder by torture.…

Mary Koss: The Corruption Continues Manboobz Style

by Tamen

Sometimes I do futile things – like posting a comment on Manboobz (this time on some quotes about rape and consent from Farrell’s 1993 book The Myth of Male Power.) I posted the link to the Mary P Koss paper where she calls it inappropriate to call men rape victims unless they have been penetrated as a example of other crappy things about rape that were published in 1993.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Erasing male rape victims, Part II – Tamen evaluates a British and a Norwegian study on rape victims and finds invalidating methodological errors

Typhonblue asked Tamen about a British study of crime, the CESW, especially about the rape statistics:

“I looked at the source documents. Is the reason why there is such a low rate of men reporting “serious sexual assault” in both the alternative and current questionnaires?”

Tamen answered:

“Yes, there are two reasons I can see right away.