Boundary issues: Feminism vs civic accountability – HBR Talk 27

Join us on HBR Talk Show where we discuss the Women’s March talking point on civil rights, and how it fails to jive with feminist history. Tune in @8pm Eastern!

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Accountability is totally gay! – HBR Talk 25

Listen as we discuss feminism’s wimminworsting approach to human sexuality and its relationship to human rights issues. Join us @8pm Eastern!

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Suffragettes can’t save feminism

Feminists unable to defend against criticism of their lobbying history often fall back on the suffrage card. To put it simply, feminists claim that the suffragette movement means feminism is responsible for women’s ability to exercise the right to vote.

Positive Improvement’s takedown of @TakeDownMRAs shows the duplicity of the MRM’s opponents

Chances are, if you advocate for men’s human rights on Twitter you have run into an annoying twit going by the handle @TakeDownMRAs. Chances are, you’ve caught “him” in a bad faith argument or two, or worse, been dragged into the maze of logic fallacies he substitutes for discussion points, maybe even concluded from the bizarre shifts in mood and rhetoric coming from the account that it is run by a group rather than an individual.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 58: Back Again AniFem? How NOT to Go to a Convention!

Its been a while since I picked apart an AniFem article.  But apparently they decided to stick their heads into AnimeFest in Dallas, TX and make a ‘report‘ on it. So what I’m going to do here is go through how they are approaching conventions and explain how they either don’t understand the culture and etiquette of a good convention, how they likely ticked off the fans of various series, and where they probably made themselves look like absolute assholes.…

Breaking an Opinion: Happy GamerGate 3.o! How to Protect Yourself From Bullshit!

I realize that everyone likely saw Hannah’s article on the Ctrl-Left instead of my article last week. No I didn’t quit or get canned or anything silly like that. I actually had quite a bit of personal stuff to deal with so my planned article on breaking the narratives of the GoogleMemo ended up not being possible.…

Feminism: Kills sperm dead

Western men’s sperm counts are down. Scientists suspect chemicals, but could feminism’s demonizing narrative be a factor?

Toxic masculinity is a buzzword created by feminists to facilitate blaming men for the external pressures to which they are subjected, most often by the very systems and social attitudes that feminists themselves support and exploit.…

Breaking the Narratve Episode 52: EXTREME MISOGYNY BRO!

So today, we are going after the UK rag The Independent, primarily because they just can’t help but be so blatantly ironic in the writing of this article. From my comprehension their position is like most contemporary ‘news’ media of being extreme to the left.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 50: Cultural Appropriation Doesn’t Exist!

First and foremost I’d like to apologize for the lack of posting of my articles recently. With everything going on with ICMI and most of the Badger crew being in the Land Down Under things have been difficult with communications. I hope to get back to my weekly set up so we all appreciate you bearing with us during this time.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 47: The Side Show Never Ends! Its Time To Stop, Anita!

This keeps happening,
It just keeps happening.

I can’t even begin to count how many times people have picked apart these arguments bit by bit and ravaged them in the most obscene ways. Even with that in mind and her audience waning by the day, she tries to continue her insanity with the aptly named “The FREQ Show” starting with a popular subject for this breed of bigots – Whitewashing.…