Breaking the Narrative Episode 87: Strike Hard, Strike First, Not Manly? A Review of YouTube’s Cobra Kai!

Before I begin I must apologize again for my absence. I’ve made nods to my poor relationship with my mother in the past. However she was still my mother, keyword there was. Alice Jean Sherer, the woman who bore me and had me circumcised, left this world at 7:21 PM CST on May 21, 2018.…

HBR Talk 16 – Reproductive rights, accountability gap personified

Join the Honey Badgers as we unfilter the gender gap in reproductive choice and related accountability issues! Tune in @8pm Eastern

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Selective equality

Recently, there‚Äôs been quite a stir in Spain regarding work-life balance. We all know the drill: the idea that working should be compatible with taking care of children. Banishing the idea that the mother is the one who should take care of the children, while the father works.…

Honey Badger Radio: Veteran mental health

It’s tough being a veteran. You sacrifice everything you have for the greater good. However, the degree to which soldiers suffer is a consistent taboo. Many return to civilian life with a pile of hospital bills, crippling PTSD, a biased family court system, and a world that would rather sweep them under the rug than deal with their problems.…