Breaking the Narrative Episode 44: RenAi BoKun/Love Tyrant Breaking A Review!

Well everyone, this week I’ve decided that I should do another anime review to show the idiot feminists we’ve been dealing with how it’s done. I checked and AniFem does have a review of this show themselves but if last week was any indicator it’s likely shit.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 41: Feminists Tell Noobs How to Get Into Dungeons and Dragons!

To keep with the gaming attitude I’m going for something just left of where we’ve been aimed at for the past two weeks. We are going into an article based around Dungeons and Dragons as you’ve obviously seen from the title, but where is the context?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 39: Sarkeesian You Cheap Dunce! Proof You Don’t Play the Game!

Alright, this might be a little short and quite spoilery. This whole thing is based around a series of tweets that prove once and for all that Anita Sarkeesian never plays the games, should never be listened to, and should lose any and all support that she has garnered over the past 5 years.…

Letter to the Badgers on sexual assault against disabled males

By Peter Wright

Excerpt from the 3-part series, “A male-centered approach to disability.”

Disabled males are four times more likely than nondisabled men to be sexually assaulted or raped.[3] The researchers of that study found that more than 5 percent of disabled men reported experiencing sexual assault during the past year, about equal to sexual assaults against disabled women.[3]

Citation: [3] Mitra, Monika, Vera E.

Valar morghulis: Investigations into violence and nudity in the HBO television adaptation of G.R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, Seasons 1-6 (Spoilers, duh..) p12

By SirSkeptic

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 33: Wibbly Wobbly Wordy Lordy Stuffs! Why Do These Labels Make No Sense?”

Due to the events that seem to keep popping up since the inauguration, hell, for the past 50+ years or so, I think that we need to talk about two very specific labels concerning politics: Liberal and Conservative.  You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with Men’s Rights or Vidya Alex?” For the latter it means very little, as video games are not something of a political issue in the strictest sense.…

The Wage Gap in Ireland

By Seán

The idea that a wage gap exists in the sense that a man and woman go into the same job and the woman earns 86% of what a man earns is simply incorrect. These sorts of studies fail to take into account hours worked and career choices, which seems to happen time and time again in these sorts of studies.

The death of the ‘Women couldn’t vote’ manipulative narrative

I hear the narrative ‘women didn’t have the right to vote’ consistently used to as a weapon of entitlement and blame, a weapon that is is often aimed at men. This is also used here in America to shut down the voices of women who do not fall in line and agree that feminism is the way.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 32: To Vax or Not to Vax, Due your Diligence!

Well this is going to be off my beaten path by a long shot! Not only am I’m not going to approach this subject with my usual awkward attempts at humor but I’m going to actually get a little bit personal here. I’m talking childhood level personal.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 30: Hail to the Chief. Top 10 Democratically Elected Female Government Heads!

Hey there everyone, sorry this is posted a little late, I had some family issues to deal with this past week but I should be back on schedule after this week.  This time around we are working towards Inauguration Day for God Emperor Trump: The Ultimate Triggering.…