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HISTORY – Kathleen Parker on Betty Friedan – ‘The Feminine Mystique’ at 50


Kathleen Parker writes a lot of good stuff when it comes to gender, and here’s some more from her. This time she is marking the 50 year anniversary of Betty Friedan’s seminal work in feminism, The Feminine Mystique, and offering comment on it. “Friedan did, indeed, identify and give shape to “the problem that has no name” — female angst born of privilege — but she also helped launch a flotilla of...

Prison Rape Statistics


I recall seeing a study that found that inmate-on-inmate rape is actually at a higher rate in women’s prisons than in men’s prisons. However, now I’m having a great deal of difficulty finding the study again.
So due to my laziness, I’m starting another evidence-collection thread.…

MISANDRY – The Stereotype of the Man-Hating Feminist


Feminism and feminists get accused of misandry all the time; it’s a major accusation for a movement that claims the moral high ground and claims to be about gender equality. Feministe is a mainstream, high traffic feminist blog. It bills itself as “In defense of the sanctimonious women’s studies set.” Recently there was a mess of a post and comment thread that mewled and whined about how...