Title IX: Targeting men for whose protection? Part 2 | HBR Talk 48

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Breaking the Narrative Episode 89: Tennessee’s Opening of Pandora’s Gynocentric Box

It is no secret that we are often saddled even now with the issue and question of suffrage, also known as the Right to Vote in the United States. For the longest time, as seen in historically researched texts, this was more linked to the ownership of property as opposed to the common misconception that gender and race were determining factors.…

#MeToo: Accountability gap amplified – HBR Talk 17

Join the Honey Badgers for HBR Talk’s next installation in the Accountability Gap series. Today we’ll be talking about the gender gap in personal accountability where sexual conduct is concerned. Tune in @8pm Eastern

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On the official and social response to male rape victims

Maybe we should advocate for government authorities to treat a kick to the crotch differently depending on the sex of the victim. After all, it’s common knowledge that it hurts much worse for a guy to be kicked there… so kicking a gal in the crotch really isn’t that big of a deal, right?…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 17: Graduating in Mentoring! Become the Great Teacher Onii-Chan!

Alright, about a month ago I showed several examples of video game mentors. I asked you for examples in the comments, and it wasn’t a complete botch.

You readers need to get a little more hands on with my stuff! I don’t think I ask for that much do I?…

Faggots are officially out (of the progressive stack)

”Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is…” Hold on to your panties Anita, haven’t you heard of homonormativity? That’s right. Being in a group that corresponds to 3–5% of the population is too normal for the SocJus machine.…

Is there Racism While Driving?

A few months ago, a study came out trying to measure Racial Discrimination among Police Searches of Motor Vehicles. In this study, they  not only measure traffic stops, but also how often vehicles were searched and how often contraband was found.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 11: “Thats a Man Baby!” Transgenders in Gaming

To continue finishing up on the concept of representation in video games I think the best way to tidy this whole thing up is by showing examples of transgender characters in video games. So far we’ve been going purely by characters that have been obvious examples.…

Reforming Rising Sun Rape

When men’s rights activists fight to get resources, the law and even the culture reformed for men who suffer from rape experiences across a wide variety of countries, feminism often stands in the way. Indeed, it could be and has been said that the gynocentric views feminism engenders serve to strengthen the apathy to achieving justice and closure for male rape victims.

Consent, part 1

We constantly hear talk about consent, usually in reference to YES means YES. As most of you reading this probably know YES means YES is terrible standard for consent. We are just in our criticism of it. But if we are to effect positive change in relation to rape & sexual assault we should discuss consent and the different standards of consent.