DEMONIZATION – Blaming men because women won’t approach

I don’t spend a lot of thought on straight dating but it’s a pretty live subject in some parts of the gendersphere, so the issue comes up a lot. Commenter Daisy had this insightful bit to say:

My opinion–lots of women get upset when men approach them for the same reason I do, they would rather do the approaching themselves.

Assholes Come in Two Flavours: Male and Female

A while back on tumbler I believe there was a young woman who talked about an unpleasant experience she’d had on the subway. A male cyclist hit on her and when she rejected his advance went a little, shall we say, sideways. This all happened in the relative anonymity of an empty subway car.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – Hillary Clinton trashes whiners

A big part of the gender discussion is identifying and decrying double standards. This is a story about someone doing just that.

This time it’s feminist icon Hillary Clinton telling women to stop whining about their own life choices. Suck on that, all you Hillary-haters.…