Men’s magazine British GQ denies the existence of men’s rights

British GQ writer Rupert Myers has recently opined that Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) are backwards cavemen who inhibit the progress of gender equality through the harassment and silencing of their targets. Mr Myers then goes on to show brilliant examples of the types of behavior perpetrated by MRAs.…

No justification for routine neonatal circumcision, part 2, unmerited social support

In my last post, I looked at fallacious medical arguments in favor of routine neonatal circumcision. Careful examination of the facts and application of logic to the available information led to the conclusion that there is no medical excuse for the practice.…

No justification for routine neonatal circumcision, part 1, fallacious medical support

The circumcision debate never seems to end. Once promoted as a cure for all manner of unrelated and often harmless conditions, it has repeatedly been proved unnecessary and damaging. Each time society appears prepared to abandon the practice, proponents seek out another excuse to continue it.…

Honey Badger Radio: The unkindest cut

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University of Ottawa Hockey team file 6 million dollar lawsuit
The men’s hockey team of the University of Ottawa is now filing a class action lawsuit against the unversity after it’s suspension last year. The entire team was punished following allegations of sexual assault against two of their players.…

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BadgerPod Nerdcast 20: It’s blow jobs all the way down!

Topics for discussion: The legend of Korra, Torchwood and Peter Coffin

Host: Brian Martinez

Co-hosts: Alison Tieman, Rachel Edwards, Mike(DrRandomercam), Karen Straughan(TBC), Anna Cherry




Honey Badger Radio: The Unkindest Cut

Topics: Male genital mutilation and the demonization of male sexuality.…

Honey Badger Radio: FEMEN, freedom, and Women Against Feminism

Recently the media noticed a growing group of women online called “Women Against Feminism.” Despite the claim that feminism is about freedom of choice, feminists had no problem harassing these women for their beliefs.

With violent Radfem groups like FEMEN making headlines around the world, it’s easy to see how the average woman would have nothing in common with them.…

Honey Badger Radio: Doctor Money and the Destruction of David Reimer

In 1966 a little boy had his penis burned off during a circumcision. That little boy’s name was David Reimer.

Dr. John Money, A leading theorist on gender at the time decided the solution was to raise David as a girl. Dr. Money was a proponent of the “theory of Gender Neutrality” and believed he could reject David’s biochemical reality and substitute his own.…