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Breaking the Narrative Episode 18: Alright Kotaku, its your turn! Smack the #HipOfBabylon!


I’m going to be straight up on this, I’ve been dealing in matters of #GamerGate since a week before my son was born, so since early September 2014. The way I found out about it is because I was introduced to MundaneMatt via ReviewTechUSA. Feel how you will about those two channels but I’m setting the stage of how I’m approaching this article; as someone who has been...

Is there Racism While Driving?


A few months ago, a study came out trying to measure Racial Discrimination among Police Searches of Motor Vehicles. In this study, they  not only measure traffic stops, but also how often vehicles were searched and how often contraband was found.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 13:A Feminine Touch, Oh My! Female Mentors in Video Games.


Last week we started this two-parter with male mentor characters in video games. Now I hope you did your homework and commented on it with something productive because some of that is going to be touched upon later on with this one. If not that’s ok, I’m planning on in a month or so to do a part three based purely on what I find in comments for both of these articles to finish up on...