Less equal: Accountability Gap enabled – HBR Talk 28

Join the Badgers, Hannah, Anna, and Prim, as we put another women’s march talking point to the accountability test! Tune in @8pm Eastern.

Show notes:

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Breaking the Narrative 78: Stellar Battles of Dropping the Ball! How the Lucas Star Wars Movies Show Male Struggles and How Disney Fails.

Everyone here knows my gaming and video game history but one thing I don’t go too much into unless asked is my own enjoyment of the Star Wars franchise.  I’ve  been a fan of it ever since first watching the original trilogy on VHS with my father as a child during one of the weekends he had me.…

The neverending sob story: Accountability gap in the workplace – HBR Talk 26

Join us on HBR Talk as we take on the emoooootional laaaaabor of cleaning up feminism’s false gendering of worker’s issues. Tune in @8pm Eastern!

Transcript for opening monologue: https://www.patreon.com/posts/17148940

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Suffragettes can’t save feminism

Feminists unable to defend against criticism of their lobbying history often fall back on the suffrage card. To put it simply, feminists claim that the suffragette movement means feminism is responsible for women’s ability to exercise the right to vote.

Breaking the Narrative Episode 72: Zero Tolerance Rules Don’t Work. How Teachers Bully Students!

If you are familiar with the video of Keaton Jones posted by his mother meant to raise awareness about bullying late last year then you might realize why I am covering this today. For those unfamiliar with the story or had forgotten, I will get to that in a minute.…

Breaking The Narrative Episode 71:A Brand New Era! Japan’s Hopeful Future?

Well happy new year everyone! I apologize for my absence, I’ve had multiple family and health issues during the holidays to deal with and am just now getting back onto things. As such I’m thinking of warming back up on something fun and positive.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 66: Not Everything is connected to the Alt Right!

This time around I’m actually having difficulty pinning down a specific point of content. There were so many crazy things from this past week to talk about. However I did notice an overlying theme – the dreaded “Alt-Right”.  Whether we are talking about NBC’s delusions about #GamerGate and Discord which Alison has talked about here and I’ve figured out the reasons for their fantasies here.…

Breaking the Narrative Episode 65: Hello Uncyclopedia! Encyclopedia Dramatica’s Retarded Cousin!

Like I had stated last week I got a request to debunk Uncyclopedia’s article on paganism. I for a bit considered not touching it because it is supposed to be a parody wikia but then I thought for a moment that the best comedy needs a basis in reality.…

Breaking the Narrative 60: In Any World Feminism is Crap! Breaking A Review on To Another World With My Smartphone!

I decided upon this fun little review after seeing the 11th episode of this series because it left a fun little line in it from a gynoid that shows exactly what the creator thinks of the concept of feminism, namely that they think its shit! That line?…