Wolves in the woods

“Badger, what’s so bad about being a feminist?”

Come with me, to a walk in the world you thought to be true.

There was a woman who grew up in a town – a town filled with women and surrounded by woods filled with wolves.The woods would provide children.It was said if a woman wanted a babe she would go to the woods and pray to the wolves to send her a child.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 4: Metaphorical rape culture

Maleficient shifts the blame

Maleficient is an unapologetic pandering to a feminist audience. It is the story of strong, capable fairy cut down by the selfish actions of men—furthering the idea that if a woman, even a villainess, does something wrong, a man is somehow to blame.…

Honey Badger Radio: Men’s issues conference–An orgy of misogyny!

The International Conference on Men’s Issues has come and gone, leaving confused and disoriented reporters bobbing in its wake.

Most of the press coverage cherry-picked for maximum drama and offence: painting the conference as a den of murderers and rapists out to steal all that’s good and wholesome in the world just to shove it in a hole and poop on it.…