Honey Badger Radio: Your Princess is in another castle


Women waiting to use the bathroom is oppression
In a recent article by Soraya Chemaly, she demands equity for women in the realm of porceline. She states that women waiting in lines to use the bathroom is oppressive and fails to realize how utterly ridiculous this statement is.…

Badger Pod Nerd Cast 13: There is no spoon

Anita’s rapey Christmas carols

Anita Sarkeesian’s 2011 video, “Top 5 Creepy Christmas Songs,” which details the horrors of tropes in Christmas music, has been making the rounds again recently, reminding us all that it’ll be very sexist of us to enjoy any cheerful, relaxing holiday songs this year.…

Honey Badger Radio: Sexual Assault in the Military


Loss of funding for family courts

Australian family courts are suffering due to lack of financial aid. More people are now representing themselves, leading to uncomfortable court sessions where both parties are questioning each other over the events that occurred.…