Polecat Cast 101: The Media VS Milo and Pewdiepie

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Pewdiepie a Nazi? Milo a pedophile? Cucumbers at 50 Shades Darker? This and more on the Polecat Cast today at 6pm Eastern!


Can a Movement Strive for Two Things? According to Vice… No, It Can’t

By Max Derrat

Last week, Vice posted an article titled “Under Trump, Gamergate Can Stop Pretending It Was About Games.” The article was written by a man named Emanuel Maiberg, and in it, he tries to argue that the circles that were and are now associated with Gamergate have devolved into areas to discuss Trump and “pwning SJWs”. For this reason, we should completely dismiss the argument that it was about “ethics in games journalism” in the first place, and continue to characterize the movement as a far-right/alt-right invention.

Granted, what Gamergate has evolved into is a discussion that is no longer surrounding ethics in games journalism, but moreso on how radical leftist ideology is infiltrating journalism and politics. The reason why this is, though, is because Gamergate already won the battle of ethics in games journalism, according to many who supported the movement in the first place. This is an opinion held by many people within the GG community, as well as by its lead voices. Though Vice exclusively mentions the lead voices who have “far-right” politics like Mike Cernovich and Milo Yiannopoulos, to try and paint Gamergate as such… they completely neglect to mention people like Sargon of Akkad, LeoPirate, the Investigamer, Shoe0nHead, Chris Ray Gun, Jennie Bharaj, Mercedes Carrera, and many others… all of which are self-described liberals… and all of which who believe that Gamergate has achieved its goals. As for the accusation that people are going after SJWs solely now… and that people are leaving Gamergate as a consequence of this… yes. This is a natural consequence of most movements when people have gotten what they can out of something, and then decide to leave. From the beginning Gamergate was about ethics in games journalism and an end to agenda pushing. There are people there that still want agenda pushing to stop, and so they’ve taken it from games journalism to, as Emmanuel says, plain old journalism. Guilty as charged. What’s the problem there? Is it the fact that because the media largely has a left-leaning bias that you’re criticizing Gamergate as right-leaning? Well, that’s profoundly stupid. There are other elements to this article that the panel shall discuss now.

Source: https://archive.is/Tg9BL


Old Media vs New Media

By Mike J.

Felix Kjellberg (pronounced Shellberg), better known by his online handle ‘PewDiePie’, is the undisputed King of YouTube clocking in at over fifty-three and a half million subscribers. He’s well known for his over-the-top style of gaming videos which involves hyperbolic reactions and lots of screaming, a style which has been duplicated by countless other YouTubers hoping to carve out their own empires. But over the last few months some of his videos have taken on a different tone. Roughly around the rise of YouTubes ever increasing push to censor their own platform, Felix’s content shifted to more politically incorrect, shock humor sometimes invoking Nazi imagery, but always in a very tongue-in-cheek manner and always aimed to take shots at the YouTube and the media. However, this did not sit well with the dinosaurs that refuse to die known as the traditional mainstream media. Not knowing what to make of Felix and his antics they locked into attack mode and began to write article after article decrying him as every -ist and -ism they could think of. Instead of backing down, these attacks served only to embolden Felix who pushed the envelope even further with every new video. Their attacks culminated with an article published on February 14 by the Wall Street Journal. In the article, The Journal takes credit for being the ones to drive Disney to sever all ties with the YouTuber after showing them several out of context videos with Felix either making seemingly anti-semitic statements or displaying Nazi imagery. Not only did Disney pull up stakes, but YouTube has also removed him from their preferred ads program and have cancelled his YouTube Red series. Undaunted by this dishonest attack, Felix rallied against the Wall Street Journal and found himself with an unlikely ally; pretty much the entire internet. Sick of the constant stream of lies and mischaracterizations emanating from the mainstream media, internet personalities such as Phillip DeFranco, Markus “Notch” Persson, Anthony Fantano, Jon “JonTron” Jafari, and Steven “Boogie2988” Williams banded together to voice one common message: “We support PewDiePie”. Felix went on to personally respond to the Wall Street Journal summing up his thoughts perfectly towards the end of his video: “I’m still here, I’m still making videos. Nice try Wall Street Journal, try again motherfuckers.”

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-cuts-ties-youtube-star-pewdiepie-anti-semitic-posts-975827


Yale University Wants to Force Fraternities to Admit Women, Without Forcing Sororities To Do the Same

By Max Derrat

Yale. I don’t need to say much more than just that word to conjure up cringey Internet memories, do I? Well, anyways… for the sake of the show, I have to give more information as to what Yale has gotten itself into this week. A Yale student group, named Engender, is invoking the Title IX legislation to force fraternities to admit women. They are citing Title IX as well as internal Yale policies in order to prohibit discrimination based on gender… and so will try to issue sanctions against male-only fraternities.

As for why the reverse can’t be possible – letting men join sororities – get this. Will McGrew, co-director of the Engender organization, said that unlike fraternities, exclusively female groups are intimate associations and don’t affect social trends at the university in the same manner.

To this I have to say only one thing: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyways, this effort is likely going to fail anyways… because according to the Title IX manual, “…exemptions include the membership policies of certain university-based social fraternities and sororities.”

Ultimately, this story looks like it will become a long-forgotten blip on the horizon… and might in fact deter future students from attending Yale if this shit keeps up. Fellow Honey Badgers, please permit me to mute my microphone and laugh while you take over.

Source: http://yaledailynews.com/blog/2017/02/17/engender-to-lobby-administration/

Yale Student Group Wants to Force Fraternities to Admit Women, Gives Sororities Free Pass


Too Dangerous?

By Mike J.

Fresh off of his controversial appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Milo Yiannopoulos finds himself in the middle of a media firestorm. The provocative public speaker and editor for Breitbart News has been painted by various media outlets as being pro-pedophilia. Their proof? A handful of innocuous statements, a couple dark humored jokes, and a few quotes blown out of proportion or purposefully stripped of context. The source of these include past appearances on Joe Rogan’s podcast The Joe Rogan Experience and TJ “The Amazing Atheist” Kirk’s podcast The Drunken Peasants. During both podcasts, Yiannopoulos discussed the sexual relations he had as a teenager with a Catholic priest who was in his late twenties, all the while maintaining his typical nonchalant, cavalier attitude, even going so far as to crack jokes about his situation. Yiannopoulos also stated that he did not object to current age of consent laws and also felt that he, in regards to his case, was “an outlier”. Perhaps the statement drawing the most criticism is one he made during his Drunken Peasants appearance where he said, “I think in the gay world some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life-affirming, important, shaping relationships, [are] very often between younger boys and older men, they can be hugely positive experiences”. Milo clarified his statements later in a post on his Facebook page saying that he “shouldn’t have used the word boy” and that the relationships he was referring to were “relationships between younger and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home” also stating “I was not talking about anything illegal”. This added context comes too late though as Simon & Schuster, the publishers that were set to release his book later this year, have announced that they would be dropping his book deal. If that wasn’t enough, American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp has disinvited Milo from attending this years Conservative Political Action Conference.

Sources: http://archive.is/SIY8H




Fifty Shades of……Green?

By Mike J.

The sequel to the universally panned film Fifty Shades of Grey, entitled Fifty Shades Darker, released nationwide two weeks ago to very similar reception as the first. It’s about what you would expect from dully written, Twilight fan-fiction, marketed towards lonely middle-aged women, which is to say not much. However the film has sparked one burning question; why do theater ushers keep finding abandoned cucumbers leftover at screenings of the new movie? Ushers from arpund the globe have noted this curious phenomenon. Could it possibly be a new fad diet? Thoughtful ushers in Norway have offered to return the lost gourds, though it doesn’t seem that they’ve had any luck in locating the proper owners. Perhaps this is some new type of prank? All jokes aside we know exactly what’s going on here and now that we’ve all pictured it, I’ll go get the Bleach.

Source: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/50-shades-cucumbers/


Bonus Story: http://archive.is/ePKKk