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Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards

Rachel is a current host of Honey Badger Radio, a recurring member of the Tales from the Infrared crew, and the woman behind the curtain, so to speak. She wanders around the web researching feminist insanity, running the honey badger blog, writing various things for the show, poking people with a large stick, and keeping everyone in the silly place. When she isn't doing any of those things she spends her time doing even more blogging, grooming her rather large fluffy cat, nerding out with her favorite people, and burying herself in various fandoms. Pinkie Pie is best Pony! (You spelled "Fluttershy" wrong. -- Zen)
Rachel Edwards

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Originally aired: June 12, 2014

Tonight on honey badger radio, “ask the badger… anything!”

We’ll be answering whatever questions you pose us. Please put your questions in the comment section of this video.

Also if you’re interested in a “bring it” honey badger t-shirt please mosey on over to our fundraiser.

T-shirts can only be purchased through the fundraiser and at the Detroit men’s issues convention.

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