EQUALITY – Marriage license day in Washington

We took the day off to get our marriage license. Thursday, December 6th, the election results on the referendum on same-sex marriage were going to be certified and Governor Gregoire was going to sign off on them, the first day we could get a license. We could have waited of course but this seemed like being part of history.…

MISANDRY – Male Resistance to the MRM

A Redditor named doch_doch has a new blog she has just started and it is definitely worth a look. (This is one of the cleverer screen names I have seen. It means “though, though” or “Oh but yes it is!” in German.)

She starts with:

“Imagine you’re a man in the US in the time prior to women’s right activism.”

And winds up with this, which I have never seen anywhere else:

“So where we the men’s rights activist in all this upheaval?

ACTIVISM – One Piece of Advice at a Time

“Is cunamh mór comhairle mhaith” – “Good advice is great help.”

It is also a form of activism.

Someone getting ready to marry was presented a really lopsided prenup and didn’t know what to think of it, so he asked the Reddit community on r/Mensrights.…

THIS IS WHAT SEXUAL ENTITLEMENT LOOKS LIKE – Girlfriend ‘beat up her boyfriend after bad sex left her unsatisfied’

Here’s a story out of Manatee County, Florida. Notice that it was picked up by a British paper. (I do know it’s a trashy British paper; that doesn’t change any of the facts reported.)

“A 24-year-old woman was arrested yesterday for attacking her boyfriend after he climaxed and she did not, a police report alleges.

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Who dies in war, evidence from Neolithic Scandinavia

Who dies in war? It isn’t always men. Overwhelmingly often, but not always.

A recurring theme in gender discussions is female mortality in war, “….women are the primary victims of war…” and similar claims. The fact is that men, combatant or non-combatant, are overwhelmingly the victims of war and of violence in general.…

MISANDRY – Trying to get services for a male victim of domestic violence

This story will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with what male victims of domestic abuse face when it comes to getting taken seriously and getting any kind of services in their time of need. But there are lots of denialists out there, some out of self-interest because they think victimhood is a female prerogative or perhaps out of macho posturing because they like to think men are invulnerable – whatever the reason, there are lots of people in denial about the vulnerability of men to Intimate Partner Violence.…