MISOGYNY – Misogyny? High heels and choices

Salon.com has an article up that explores reasons besides added height as possible explanations as to why women wear high heels. High heels have to rank with corsets and neckties as extremes of stupid, uncomfortable clothing.

It turns out though maybe however stupid high heels may be, they may be stupid ina very effectual way.…

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Feminist Allies of MRAs, Part II – Double Standards

Feminism is a men’s issue.

 Amanda Marcotte and others repeatedly insist that feminism is good for what ails men, in other words that feminists and women get to dictate to men what solutions are valid for men’s issues. This is part of the tradcon division of labor we see in so many marriages where the woman gets the responsibility and all the power over social relations – in this case, gender relations.…

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Feminist Allies of MRAs

Something you notice almost immediately in a space like Reddit MensRights is the number of women, often self-identified feminists, sometimes ex-feminists, who come by curious about a subreddit they have heard denounced as misogynistic, and have a look for themselves – or who are just interested in men’s issue and think that’s a good place check out.…

LADIES’ AUXILARY OF THE PATRIACHY: Feminists should advocate for chivalry? WTF?

Put down the crack pipe, Emily Esfahani-Smith.

This is the shit that makes real feminists cry, the ones who believe and cling to feminism’s promise of working for gender equality, the only real basis for real empowerment of women. This article in the Atlantic by Emily Esfahani-Smith is a hot mess of retrograde women’s advocacy on the backs of men, and it does women no favors either.…

Correcting a Misunderstanding About Apexuality

I don’t go to Manboobz’s blog so I’m clearing this up for the sake of the people who read and comment on this blog. Also there’s no real point in posting this there since all it will do is inspire an endless round of “well what you really meant was [insert misrepresentation]” followed by “no, in fact if you read the actual quote, the immediate subject preceding ‘it’ was male politician, not trans woman.…

EQUALITY – Marriage license day in Washington

We took the day off to get our marriage license. Thursday, December 6th, the election results on the referendum on same-sex marriage were going to be certified and Governor Gregoire was going to sign off on them, the first day we could get a license. We could have waited of course but this seemed like being part of history.…

MISANDRY – Male Resistance to the MRM

A Redditor named doch_doch has a new blog she has just started and it is definitely worth a look. (This is one of the cleverer screen names I have seen. It means “though, though” or “Oh but yes it is!” in German.)

She starts with:

“Imagine you’re a man in the US in the time prior to women’s right activism.”

And winds up with this, which I have never seen anywhere else:

“So where we the men’s rights activist in all this upheaval?

ACTIVISM – One Piece of Advice at a Time

“Is cunamh mór comhairle mhaith” – “Good advice is great help.”

It is also a form of activism.

Someone getting ready to marry was presented a really lopsided prenup and didn’t know what to think of it, so he asked the Reddit community on r/Mensrights.…