Breaking The Narrative Episode 84: Aim for the Top! A Review of Megalo Box!

Something I’ve been noticing this season of anime is a lot of anime coming out that show the true nature of men and masculinity. Either through what we’ve gone over with emotion in Souten No Ken Regenesis, or with the nature of a show I plan on covering later called¬†Devil’s Line, which not only tackles demonization and isolation, but the loneliness that occurs from it.…

The start of Honey Badger Radio – Whammin’s spaces | HBR Talk 34

Join us on HBR Talk as take the next step on our trip down memory lane, beginning with a reading of a Karen Straughan reddit post! Tune in @8pm Eastern!

The post:
Opening Monologue transcript:
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Breaking an Opinion Episode 2: Women Just Can’t Handle the Magma!

Good day to all of you. Now that seems like a very specific title, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. What do I mean by the “Magma”? I’m talking about an aspect of men and their emotions that has surfaced in multiple cultures over the years.…

The start of Honey Badger Radio: 50 shades of red | HBR Talk 33

Today on HBR Talk continue our discussion on how our group formed, beginning with the discussion that inspired our name. Tune in @8pm Eastern!
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Feminist Science – the Queer Interspecies Tango | Rantzerker (with TL;DR) 108

Today on the Rantzerker we will be hanging out with TL;DR and going through yet another brilliant Feminist academic paper. This one has the following abstract:

Using the figuration of queer tango, we conceive this essay as a performance
that responds to three Canadian Journal of Environmental Education articles,
each of which calls for the creation and circulation of more queer scholarship
in environmental education.…