Male Privilege: Slut Shaming

Slut shaming. Supposedly women are more affected. Yet I can’t help but notice the following:

  1. Female Sex Toys are empowering; male sex toys are perverted
  2. Promiscuous women are expressing their sexuality; promiscuous men are ‘using’ their sex partners for selfish kicks
  3. Women should be lauded for their sexual desires; men should be ashamed of theirs because male desire ‘objectifies’ women.

LADIES’ AUXILIARY OF THE PATRIARCHY – What a Real Radical Feminism Would Have Looked Like

It would have looked like the MRM. It would have attacked toxic femininity – female hypoagency, imprisoning female privilege, female victimhood and dependency – as well as male hyperagency, male disposability and chivalry.

There was such a feminism in the early years, in the form of Women’s Liberation.…

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Occupy Misandry!

Here is a very interesting article from someone in an interesting demographic. This is the same demographic that is plastering Vancouver with MRM posters and provoking and exposing a very nasty, violent backlash – anarchist men and “goth punks”.

TALES OF THE RED PILL – Hogpunk’s Journey

Commenter Hogpunk contributed a comment in my thread about sons of feminists that I found so to the point that I asked if I could post it as an article, and he has graciously assented:


Hello Genderratic,

Gingko asked me for permission to post this comment I made on your blog; this is a cleaned up and very slightly altered version which I am more happy with.…

MALE PRIVILEGE – Ironic Male Privilege Checklist

A comment by MrStonedOne over on a r/MensRights thread caught my eye. It goes beyond the usual privilege lists by parodying them. Enjoy


Check Your Privilege!

A Guide To Male Privilege

 •The privilege of paying child support at age 14 to the 30-year-old woman who raped him.

MISOGYNY – Hypocritical Accusations of Misogyny on MRM Sites and Neutering the Misogyny Bomb

One very familiar silencing tactic in gender discussions is the accusation of misogyny. Given the gynonormative value system of our culture, a charge of hating women is a scathing accusation. People have been seeing through it more and more, but it is still matter of some concern among MRM commenters.