DEMONIZATION – Blaming men because women won’t approach

I don’t spend a lot of thought on straight dating but it’s a pretty live subject in some parts of the gendersphere, so the issue comes up a lot. Commenter Daisy had this insightful bit to say:

My opinion–lots of women get upset when men approach them for the same reason I do, they would rather do the approaching themselves.

Gender Dynamics In a Nutshell

There are a lot of conflicting things going on in the realm of gender.

We have women with far greater levels of in group bias, yet people don’t see women as capable leaders.

The “in group bias study” is the not the only study that found the “Women are Wonderful” or “Benevolent Sexism*” (as feminists term it) effect.…

MISOGYNY – Afghan woman beheads daughter-in-law for refusing prostitution, police say

Here’s a horrible story.  A woman in Afghanistan, Pari Gul, beheaded her daughter-in-law, Mah Gul, for refusing to engage in prostitution. This happened a couple of weeks ago.

There’s a more to the story but this is the core of it and it’s the part that matters.…

GENERAL – Useful new words and acronyms, Part II

More new words and expressions!

Catachosis – This is a play on “catachesis” or the more widely used “catechism”. It means religious indoctrination.

When you are discussing something with someone and their entire terminology is cant and jargon and fashionable buzzwords, and their conceptual matrix blinds them to the simple facts of the case, when they prefer the comfort of their belief system to the hard work of real analysis, then this indoctrination has become pathological.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE: Assholes Come in Two Flavours: Male and Female, Part II

In her post “Assholes Come in Two Flavours: Male and Female” Typhonblue outlined the rim of the issue* by flipping the genders to show how outrageous the young woman’s sexism was.

Let’s look at this now as an example of female privilege in a little more detail and list the ways it is.…

Assholes Come in Two Flavours: Male and Female

A while back on tumbler I believe there was a young woman who talked about an unpleasant experience she’d had on the subway. A male cyclist hit on her and when she rejected his advance went a little, shall we say, sideways. This all happened in the relative anonymity of an empty subway car.…

Valerie Keefe tells a fellow feminist some home truths about what MRAs think of feminism and why

Commenter Valerie Keefe, a feminist, posted this comment to an article here. It was a re-post of a comment at the site she mentions below, where the blogger had posted a list of supposedly pro-male posts by feminists.

Most of the comment thread is interesting, worth a read, although in the end it dissolves into a bunch of puerility.…