FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Gendering Class, Part III – Untouchability

Untouchability is a feature of several unrelated societies in which certain groups are singled out for exclusion in very concrete ways.

Thwe wiki on untouchability lists these features of the status:

  • Prohibition from eating with other caste member 
  • Provision of separate glasses for Dalits in village tea stalls
  • Discriminatory seating arrangements and separate  utensils in restaurants
  • Segregation in seating and food arrangements in village functions and festivals
  • Prohibition from entering into village temples
  • Prohibition from wearing sandals or holding umbrellas in front of higher caste members
  • Prohibition from entering other caste homes
  • Prohibition from riding a bicycle inside the village
  • Prohibition from using common village path
  • Separate burial grounds
  • No access to village’s common/public properties and resources (wells, ponds, temples, etc.)
  • Segregation (separate seating area) of Dalit children in schools
  • Sub-standard wages
  • Bonded labour
  • Social boycotts by other castes for refusing to perform their “duties”

This list describes untouchability in India, but most of it should quite familiar to Americans.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – The Blue-Hair Mafia, the Front Man Fallacy and the Closet

It is a truism vehemently denied that women run the church, whatever flavor or denomination that church may be, and always from the shadows. You can call it the Amen Corner or just refer to who it is that drags the kids to Mass, who shows up for Novenas, fawns on the priest in a bevy of cooing mothers competing to see who can feed him the yummiest goodies, and who mutters disapprovingly until the intimidated miscreant bends to their will and shrinks into conformity with their norms, but it is the same everywhere and in almost every congregation, however constituted.…

HYPOAGENCY – Shifting the goalposts on rape to retain victim status

Female hypoagency, the notion that women have no agency and that their actions are somehow ineffectual compared to men’. Victimhood is the ultimate expression of hypoagency. As Typhonblue has pointed out repeatedly, victim cred is a strategic resource and it must be guarded.

FEMININITIES –Toxic Femininity

The dose makes the poison.

One of the very useful memes that has come out of the gender discourse in the last few years is a discussion of “toxic masculinity” or the traditional masculinity that teaches little boys to make themselves disposable for the sake of women, as distinct from an earlier demonization of “macho pigs” and masculinity in general.


“Masculinities” is a buzzword that was going around a couple of years ago in the femmisphere and in “Gender Studies” departments on campuses. And since feminists feel entitled to pronounce to all the rest of us on all matters gender-related, they felt entitled to pronounce on masculinity and all its problematic aspects and to analyze it in their smug Moral Guardian way.…

EVIDENCE COLLECTION – Patterns of feminists making death threats

A common accusation aimed at Men’s Human Rights activists (MHRAs) is that they are violent, that the movement is violent, that it is motivated by raw, raging misogyny. The response typically is that all the actual violence seems to be coming from feminists and that this accusation is just the product of projection.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Hypoagency – Queen For a Day

When I was a little kid there was a show on daytime television called Queen For a Day. Yes, this was a very long time ago. The premise was that several contestants, housewives and mothers, would compete for sympathy by telling their tales of woe to the audience – crippled or sick children, disabled husbands, whatever else they could garnish it with – and then after they had all finished their pitches, the audience would applaud each one and an applause meter would register which one had gotten the most sympathy, and could carry off the washing machine and new car and all the other goodies that had been droolingly detailed at the beginning of the show.…

FEMALE PRIVILEGE – Gendering Class, Part II – “White women’s tears” and who does and doesn’t get considered female

The hyperagency/hypoagency hierarchy – In the US we have a hyperagency-hypoagency hierarchy in the culture. The way it works is that if you are male you are deemed to be inherently stronger and less vulnerable, and so hurt you inflict is somehow inherently more hurtful and hurts you suffer are somehow inherently less serious than if you are a woman.…