SLY INVERSIONS – Prostitution and Rape Culture

The State of Washington defines prostitution:

RCW 9A.88.030

(1) A person is guilty of prostitution if such person engages or agrees or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for a fee.

(2) For purposes of this section, “sexual conduct” means “sexual intercourse” or “sexual contact,” both as defined in chapter 9A.44 RCW.

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Florence Nightingale “Women Have No Sympathy”

The general indifference to men’s issues – male victimization in domestic violence and rape, inequality in family life as a matter of custom and law, exponentially higher male homelessness, death, injury and suicide rates – is often blamed on feminism, as if this is some new phenomenon and never happened in the good old days.…

Talking with NewsTalk Saskatoon about the “don’t be that girl campaign”

This was the interview I did with Karin Yeske. Ms. Yeske was, in my opinion, very fair and thorough. She even gave me the opportunity to clarify a point I made during the interview in a follow-up email.

Here is her article.

It’s a good read.

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GENERAL – Interesting new blogs

Femalefedupwithfeminism is quite new, with only a few posts, but all of them plain old common sense. Thanks, Quiet Riot Girl, for the tip.

If I haven”t mentioned The Rawness before, my bad. This guy is a resource. He specializes in looking at how dusfunctional our acpeted gender norms are and has a series going on how immature what we consider normal femlae behavior actually is.…