HISTORY – Kathleen Parker on Betty Friedan – ‘The Feminine Mystique’ at 50

Kathleen Parker writes a lot of good stuff when it comes to gender, and here’s some more from her. This time she is marking the 50 year anniversary of Betty Friedan’s seminal work in feminism, The Feminine Mystique, and offering comment on it.…

GENERAL – [St.] Valentine’s Day and the Holy Bridegroom


One of the pleasant chores in planning our wedding – and thank you everyone for you good wishes, I really appreciated that – was choosing scripture for the ceremony.

Naturally I was drawn to Jesus’ references to himself as “the Bridegroom.” And they’re in there, all over the place.…

IT’S SHIT LIKE THIS, FEMINISTS – This Is Why Male Rape Survivors Don’t Come Forward (or Gendered Victim-Blaming)

Background: James Landrith was a 22-year-old active duty Marine 25 years ago when he showed mercy to the pregnant wife of a friend and sheltered her for the night, and then awoke to find her straddling him, with his penis in her, raping him. She threatened him with rape charges if he ever reported her rape of him.…


 Male sexuality has traditionally been seen as aggressive in the West, but traditionally that was lauded and validated, sometimes to the point of glorifying behavior we would call stalking nowadays.

 But it was always also considered dangerous – even when it was also considered vivifying as in ancient Rome where phalluses were scratched into walls as good luck symbols – and a man could step over the line very easily, and the constant threat of this kind of accusation was a way of controlling men in other areas, and not just women controlling men.

MISOGYNY – Magdalene laundries: Ireland accepts state guilt in scandal

Get ready for some rage.

For decades in Ireland, beginning in 1922, women were detained, sometimes for most of their lives, for having babies out of wedlock or sometimes just for being “morally wayward”. These women were not free to go, worked for no wages in unfit conditions as laundry workers and often were denied any contact with the outside world, including their families.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – Women in Combat and the Constitutionality of Male-Only Draft Registration

Here’s an interesting development, one that other people predicted. Now that women have been admitted to the maneuver arms the issue of the male-only draft has come up again.

The Volokh Conspiracy is a respected center-right law blog. Here’s an article that discusses the constitutionality of the draft in view of this change in policy and also of a court case in 1981 that the exemption of women from the draft was based on.…

DOUBLE STANDARDS – Disproportionate violence and false equivalence

There is a clear gendered double standard in society when it comes to interpersonal violence, whether it is physical or emotional.

This is the script:
1. If a woman initiates violence on a man, the most he can do is restrain her to prevent further harm, and he may very well be blamed for doing even that.…

HISTORY – Personalities and factionalism in late 70s feminism – courtesy of Ms. Daisy Deadhead

This is a comment DaisyDeadhead made at least a month ago. I don’t remember which thread it was and the context doesn’t really matter because the information is useful and really it stands on its own.

There is no such thing as too much clarity and part of clarity is granularity and attention to detail.…

MALE DISPOSABILITY – Mary P. Koss, rape apologist, defines male rape victims out of existence

Mary P. Koss is a widely-quoted writer on the incidence of rape. Her methods and her claims have been controversial. In 2009 a controversy developed around a paper of hers – articles and threads here, here, and here.

She is an influential writer on the subject and her methods and results deserve scrutiny.