Honey Badger Radio: Predators on Campus

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In the news on August 22, 2013, Dr. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of the status of women announced the Government of Canada’s support for a movement by the White Ribbon Campaign and the Toronto Argonauts in which they claim to:

“engage men and boys in reducing violence against women and girls in the Toronto area”

The government of Canada is providing $600,000 for the 36 month project entitled “Huddle Up and Make the Call – A Gender-based Violence Prevention Project” to teach young men and boys they are all potential abusers.…

Honey Badger Hangout: RAINN: Rape-Apologizing, Ideology-Negating Nasties!

Halifax has seen an invasion of “Don’t Be That Guy” posters that tell all men to not rape. An anonymous individual has illustrated the wrongness of that generalization with posters of their own. The posters turn the man-hating message of “Don’t Be That Guy” on it’s ear with slogans like “Just because it’s your baby, doesn’t mean it’s your trash” and “Just because it can fit your purse, doesn’t mean you can take it.” Feminists have predictably responded with outrage.…

Honey Badger Radio: Sexual Assault in the Military


Loss of funding for family courts

Australian family courts are suffering due to lack of financial aid. More people are now representing themselves, leading to uncomfortable court sessions where both parties are questioning each other over the events that occurred.…

Honey Badger Hangout: Anita you so cray!

Shout outs

Permutation of Ninjas is asking us all to email RAINN on March 15th to change their definition of rape to include the majority of male victims.

RAINN currently uses a definition of rape that excludes most male rape victims—in particular male victims of female rapists—RAINN then promotes statistics based on this definition, minimizing the extent and scope of sexual victimization of men and boys.…

Honey Badger Radio: Anonymity for thee but not for me

Show Blurb (written by Alison Tieman, narrated by Karen Straughan)

Currently we afford rape accusers anonymity. We only afford anonymity to the accuser for rape or other sexual crimes; we don’t do this for any other crime.

The rationale is that rape accusers face unique stigma for being seen as rape victims.…

Honey Badger Radio: Bronies and the Shame Game

Air Date: 05/12/2013

Show Intro (written by Alison Tieman, Narrated by Karen Straughan)

For those who don’t know, Bronies, portmanteau of “bro” plus “pony” are adult male fans of the children’s show “My little pony, friendship is magic.” 

If the title of the show wasn’t a clue, the show is aimed at young girls.…

Honey Badger Radio: Brian Banks and the Social Rapist Show Notes

Air Date: 21/11/2013

Show Intro (written by Alison Tieman, Narrated by Karen Straughan)

Wanetta Gibson. Wanetta Gibson. That’s the woman who falsely accused Brian Banks of rape in 2002. Even though there was no physical evidence to corroborate Wanetta Gibson’s testimony and her story that he had dragged her, protesting, past five class rooms full of students without anyone noticing was far from plausible, Brian Banks was threatened with being tried as an adult and pressured to take a plea deal.…