Collectivists: Seen one, You Seen ‘Em All

The subject of today’s article, is a particular Oceanian comrade who simply can’t help committing thoughtcrime against the party and big sister. She somberly, humbly and penitently confesses her sins before the crowd as if pleading for mercy.…

Law of Causality: Actions Have Consequences


There are no sexual encounters, any longer, under any circumstances, in any context, which a woman cannot claim to be rape. Sign a consent form, video her giving consent, video record the entire encounter, with a waiver signed for doing so: and she can still claim that she was coerced.…

Propaganda Level: Goebbels

propaganda_squaredYou may recognize this little nugget of precious rhetoric. This is the list of hogwash the infamous Big Red (Chanty Binx) was screaming at a Men’s Rights gathering. Yes, “Dah Patwyarchy!” “Shut the fuck up for the fiftieth billionth time” oh yes…..