RAPE CULTURE – You’re Not Helping, Naomi Wolfe

Naomi Wolfe has a “profoundly superficial” OP up at the Guardian about rape of female military members. And as sophomoric and shallow as she is on the subject, her halfwit commenters are just a parade of bigotry – anti-military bigotry, anti-male bigotry – they just reek.

Worst Case Scenario

A while back I watched a video on a Fathers’ support group in Australia. A single father in the group spoke about how his abusive and alcoholic wife had abandoned his children.

Although he mentioned how he felt alone, rejected and overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising three children with no support either socially or economically, he concluded his story by saying(paraphrased), ‘I have problems, yes, but I also know that I’m very lucky she’s out of my life and I have custody of my kids.…

PARENTING – Some Father’s Day News Items

First item of news – I’m back on the block again. I have been pretty much AWOL for about two weeks now, but with good reason. My mother was visiting for the party we held to welcome my first grandson into the family formally. The first son of the first son of the first son of the first son – too bad there’s no title to inherit.…